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An expansion, known as Combat Mission: Shock Force Marines, was released in September 2008 and promoted by direct sale through Battlefront's site, necessitating Combat Mission: Shock Force to play. The module was offered by direct download, physical disk, or both, and also included the latest patch for the Shock Force base game, which was also made available via free download to all non-Marines clients and works with no module for owners of the base game. Content of Marines include an increased number of units, 15 standalone situations, a 14-mission effort, and 25 new Quick Battle maps. New units represent United States Marine Corps and Syrian Airborne troops, in addition to regular Syrian units such as the T-90 tank.

A second expansion module has been released on July 29, 2009, bringing the British Armed Forces to the Syrian battlefield. This new module introduces components, weapons and vehicles currently in service with the British army, such as the Challenger 2 tank and Warrior IFV, and also contains the US IBCT. There is a campaign from standalone scenarios that are new, and the perspective. There are slight changes to the Syrian side, and the expansion patches the base game to version 1.

Each scenario from the game comprises forces drawn from either the US or Syrian Regular Army units using Soviet-bloc gear such as AK-47 assault rifles and T-72 tanks, with 'blue vs. blue' and 'red vs. red' situations also possible. 'Insurgent' units are available as a sub-selection, representing guerrilla forces drawn from the Syrian population.

Game content contained a campaign of several linked scenarios, pre-made scenarios , and maps for the 'Quick Battle' system that allowed random play in a couple of player mode. The game shipped with a fully operational map and scenario editor in addition to a campaign creation tool.

'Relative spotting' is pretty special too
. Surprisingly, a unit's perception of the battlefield is now reliant on its communication equipment in addition to its spotting ability. The better networked a car or squad, the more data it will get from allied forces and the more efficient and confident it'll be. Mind-bogglingly realism that is deep.

Asymmetric warfare sounded interesting on paper. In the campaign far too frequently it boils-down to pulverising trench-cowering Arabs with artillery, aircraft , and AFV firearms. Playing as the 'bad guys' in earlier CMs was always very tempting Now, well, let's just say I do not believe players will be queuing-up to command forces of HiLux pickups, suicide bombers, and obsolete Russian tanks.

It seems Battlefront are already expressing guarded regret about v1.0 'Its true not what we wanted it to be.' More importantly, they have spent the four or five weeks because the shoddy code went to the pressing plant breathlessly squashing bugs. The first big patch ought to be available today, together with a demonstration, and a downloadable version of the game free from some of the worst AI and performance-related glitches.

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