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I know your deeds and your tribulation and your poverty -but you are rich!:The believers of Smyrna had a tricky time from nearly every worldly point of view.Christianity, initially poorly understood by Roman bureaucracy, soon came to bedistinguished from Judaism -and came instead to be viewed as littlemore than a cult, and a potentially dangerous one at that. As ironic as this may appear, that the one and only true way to God should be considered dangerous, erroneous, andsuperfluous by a pagan state, provides a telling perspective on how the devil's worldreally functions.   To the world, it is utter madness to dedicate oneself to a faith which bringstrouble and privation. But from the eternal perspective, the problem of the life lasts but a moment, and the poverty of this life is destined to give way to untoldeternal riches for all believers in Jesus Christ. In contrast, those who've had a shortseason of peace in this life with the means of the planet abundantly at their disposal apartfrom obedience to God will perish when this life concludes and suffer the loss of allthey prized . The believers of the Smyrna era were poor . And they understood difficulty, difficultly and hardship, even to the point offull-blown persecutions and pogroms against them on many occasions. Our Lord states thesethings as reality. But He is also quick to point out what we all need to take pains to keepfixed prominently in our hearts: the wealth we have in the Word of God, in ourfellowship and union with Jesus Christ, at the rewards for our Christian labour which willexceed whatever the world can yet imagine and do this for all eternity, so far eclipse themortal and ephemeral rewards of this life as to make comparison unworthy:

'you have abandoned love you had at first': Provided that theEphesian era believers have such a good track record in preserving their religion againstthe challenges of life, of producing fruit to the Lord from that religion, and of maintaining asafe distance from those who would seek to compromise this life of faithand faithful works, it may perhaps seem curious at first that this next criticism shouldbe leveled at them by our Lord. But in spite of their exemplary modus operandi in general,the Ephesian era believers had seemingly lost their focus on the central issue and truefocal point of the Christian life: love for God and for His Word . There is, let there be no doubt, no difference between loving Him andloving what He has to say . Jesus Christ is theLiving Word of God , and besides thewords of God we can't come to know Him at all . So when the Bible commandsus to 'love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with allyour mind and with all your might' , it must be understood that this is possible only via a lifelongcommitment to drinking in the truth of the scriptures without which it is impossible tocome to know Him and love Him. This was our Savior's own strategy as during thedays of His first advent He took up the challenge of spiritual advance in precisely the same waythat we must do: 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedsforth from the mouth of God' . Let it not be lost on anyonethat our Lord is here quoting the Word of God to commend that Word to us He whoHimself is the very Living Word of God!

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