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The game puts the player in the fictional post-Soviet Republic of Chernarus, where a mysterious plague has turned most of the populace into violent zombies. As a survivor, the player must scavenge the world for water, food, weapons, and medication, while killing or avoiding zombies, and killing, preventing, or cooperating with other players in an effort to survive the outbreak.

The goal of DayZ is to stay alive and healthy during the conditions of the zombie outbreak which have befallen the in-game globe. The player begins equipped with just simple clothes, a road flare and a rag, and must start exploring the big 225 km2 landscape of the literary former Soviet Republic of Chernarus to investigate locations such as houses, barns, and apartments to scavenge supplies. Also scattered around the map are a variety of weapons, allowing players to protect themselves from zeds or other players if necessary. Currently these are largely focused on a range of melee weapons, but a small number of guns are present, as well as various attachments such as bipods and telescopic sights. Player interaction is a portion of DayZ gameplay. Currently the game provides in-game voice chat which allows players to communicate with each other within a certain distance. Text chat is provided. DayZ also provides in game actions such as the ability to wave to other players and allowing gamers to put their hands up so as to demonstrate that they surrender.

Whilst traveling around the game, players can also find various medical equipment since the environment poses a range of threats to their personality. Planned features include diseases like cholera, dysentery and hepatitis, which may be caught by ingesting dirty water or rotten food and must be cured with the appropriate medicine.

Planned features of the game include being able to build bases in the world where players can keep their items safe, with the possibility of security systems and programmable computers having been contemplated. The stand alone game will build on the text and close range voice conversation of the mod version by including a new whisper channel, which will allow players to communicate over a very short distance without players nearby hearing, as well as radios , which will allow longer range communication, including the possibility of encrypted two-way radios and player-run radio channels.

The game includes 6 invasion maps in which the objective is to stay alive as long as possible with the help of other players. There are 3 deathmatch maps and 2 capture the flag maps as well. The deathmatch and capture the flag are similar to other games with the catch that there are also zombies everywhere in the levels to attempt and kill you.

Among the developmental focuses was making the world feel more realistic by increasing the number of enterable buildings. The game will be based on a client-server architecture, similar to that used in many massively multiplayer online games where functions such as item and NPC spawning are determined on the server rather than on the player's machine . The main aims of this change are to decrease the amount of hacks and exploits available, and to remove any unnecessary functions of the previous engine .

I will assume you are moving towards regular zombies, in which case they're basically human-like, save the fact they're, well, dismembered, rotting corpses
. Their skin is flaky and stained, their hair is torn or not there at all, their clothes are ripped, they are bleeding or oozing or wounded, and they are just generally mindless om nom nommers.

Twitter Results:

Good day of the deed done, dropped off this food parcel to a food bank in town. Hope it helps out families in need… https://t.co/SofewreJeh
Martin McKenna
Featured Art of the Day: "Proto Zombie". Buy it at: https://t.co/eqPByYN2BX https://t.co/KpM174qfAb
RT @Annabel_Giles: Hello @SF_England! Just so you know, I’m going to tweet you at least once a day every day until my son’s grant (which wa…
Rebecca Johnson
Quote of the day from my mum - Christmas is just like a zombie, when you 1st look it's miles away then you turn aro… https://t.co/aEj9grGbpO
@jiaersprds Prepare to be as active as a zombie for the rest of the day lmaooo
Katvent 🎄
Song of The Day - Friday - Back to Work, Playing Catch Up and Feeling Festive! https://t.co/bzsSiduGM4… https://t.co/FBPGXwwyNS
Why can’t some drinkers understand that non-drinkers just don’t want to drink? I’d rather go for a coffee any day.… https://t.co/l98MRktBXI
baby lyss
RT @jewtwo_: @lyssa_mota I do this now, just gotta adjust and show up to work a zombie, good thing is the rest of your day is for you.
Halloween Day of the Dead Zombie Mask Cosplay Accessory Prop https://t.co/5R9SOsvcIx
@El_TylerDurden The zombie Independence Day of Catalonia. https://t.co/XisLsldoYO
Daniel Kujawa
Film Tip of the Day: Return of the living dead And the fabulous YouTube review from Gregor. #filmtip… https://t.co/TkvyNSuNXv
𝓡𝓮𝓫𝓮𝓬𝓬𝓪 𝓙𝓪𝔂𝓷𝓮
@paulmac708 @sliceandserve Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse. Not overly obscure but I'd never heard of it until the day I watched it.
Laina Ruff
@Chapter37 @FallenFiction @aipsnovel @OJLowe_Author @frickkvitoya @AHWarrenWrites @laurcunn @A22523… https://t.co/MkEnGhb8Hz
@rawr_ima_zombie Dude, I feel the same. I'll take cats over dogs any day. Unless it's the kind of dog that knows when to be quiet.
@lyssa_mota I do this now, just gotta adjust and show up to work a zombie, good thing is the rest of your day is for you.


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