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Moving on. Not a hell of a lot else happening. I have been doing battle with my bank over some paperwork for around 6 weeks. Going to use language that is non-specific here because actually don't have any idea WTF I'm doing but basically its rejigging some stuff. So... did a enormous amount of fucking around to prepare a whole lot of docs that were to be accepted and returned to me. Took to a branch who sent them off to the head office. And somewhere in there they dropped among them. All came back except ONE document to me.

I have been carefully planning this week because I knew things were going to hiccup in some way
. Though was my foot which has been was painful. Lots of them. Plantar fasciitis aka liimping around like a cripple everywhere. Have had a couple of injections but they've not quite hit the spot. One last jab will/should/could do the trick you can not have them close together so the only alternative waited until this week. Really, really important so that I will move around pain-free whilst away.

'I never heard him badmouth the U.S. I heard him try to reach out and have a relationship with them. He called them 'our partners' repeatedly...And that has been made fun of at one stage, because it did not feel like the venture was working both manner. He really wants a partnership. There is a strong feeling . I felt real about that.'

Nice to have a bit of action around here. Was out in the backyard earlier admiring the bloody perfect day when all of a sudden I hear glass smash and a door get kicked in followed by a whole lot of guys screaming 'POLICE DON'T MOVE! POLICE DON'T MOVE!' Very unusual for this area.

-One customer would always drop papers to be filed on the ground in front of me, making me bend over every time to pick them up off the floor, despite the fact that I had my hand outstretched to accept every piece of paper.

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