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Daedalic Entertainment, once called ÒLucasarts from GermanyÒ from the GameStar magazine, invites the players into an excellent comedy adventure that revolves around a mad love story of Rufus and Goal.

One day a mysterious woman named Goal unexpectedly lands in his arms. Goal comes from the floating city of Elysium a better, care-free world full of luxury. Rufus falls madly in love with Target and he senses the chance of leading the beautiful life he always imagined.

In an effort to escape his junkyard existence, Rufus runs head on into a mystery that will put him on an adventure to rescue his garbage dump and all the special characters in it!PROS:+ Really great art! + Voiceovers are done well+ Unique characters+ Some good puzzlesCONS:Story
... what's the story again? Puzzles devolve into pixel huntsUnclear/too many goals at timesMany zany/weird dialogueI really, really wanted to love this game. The art looked amazing. The dialogue reminded me of updated adventure games like Monkey Island. The air seemed unique. In the end, however, I found myself lost a lot of time trying to determine what to do next because there was not any real-world logic involved. When I knew what I needed to do, I found myself searching around arbitrary areas trying to locate anything I could use to help me solve the puzzles because it wasn't clear what I wanted. Most of the time I found frustration. If it's on a terrific sale, give it a try and see if you want it. $20 is too much.

Experience a mind-blowing experience with Rufus. Help him save the planets, win over the girl of his dreams and incover dark deeds. But be warned: you are going to encounter shady look-alikes and make new friends, in addition to unexpected enemies. The plan is only going to succeed if you can shrug off your pursuers, build crazy gadgets and reveal loads of guts with an additional pinch of heroism.

I've played some trashy adventures in my day, but none quite as trashy as Deponia. No, wait, that's a compliment! At least, it's a statement of fact, as this game takes place, quite literally, on a trash heap. The landscape is made up of trash. The things you stuff in your pockets are crap. The puzzles... well, actually, those aren't half bad. It might have some rough edges, but this unflinchingly traditional point-and-click adventure from Daedalic Entertainment has a lot to like--crap and all.

Rufus n'est pas un personnage des plus sympathiques. Ronchon et imbu de sa personne, il vit en périphérie d'une petite colonie située dans une zone recluse p Deponia, une planète dépotoir. Il rêve d'une vie meilleure dans l'une des riches et magnifiques cités flottant au-dessus de sa tête. Lorsque l'angélique Goal tombe de ces sphères privilégiées dans un tas d'immondices, Rufus y voit une opportunité de changer les choses.

Twitter Results:

Keru YT🎮
Deponia Doomsday Ep. 16 - La buena hierba: https://t.co/2QqhMWaPhx via @YouTube
Going live in 10min with another round of #Deponia The Complete Journey! Join me in this marvelous #daedalic story… https://t.co/O1JNfEl8A3
Big Moz
Nice video but a lot of these stats are incorrect lol. I have 2800 hours on MGSV and I'm pretty sure my rarest plat… https://t.co/d98jhaiQcp
RT @tiitha: Cletus in pink from #deponia. https://t.co/0Hk2JaHRRp
RT @tiitha: Cletus in pink from #deponia. https://t.co/0Hk2JaHRRp
RT @tiitha: A ghostly floating Rufus. He seems oddly happy for being a ghost, maybe he's finally found some peace not having to smell garba…
Also probably take a break from point&clicks after Deponia 3 :D Done three of them in a row with Deponias 1 to 3.… https://t.co/ZkEMeWFCvu
Gonna try and get a Deponia stream tomorrow, but it's looking like it's either gonna be early or really late becaus… https://t.co/yJ8NCtjJLJ
A ghostly floating Rufus. He seems oddly happy for being a ghost, maybe he's finally found some peace not having to… https://t.co/1CBazhAxE4
Live with #deponia game my first playthrough. Don't be shy, come say "hi!" :) Will be happy to see everyone ^_^… https://t.co/7MR0FYdxjE
@LauraLunaLu @marmartinezsan Yesterday Origins, deadly synchronicity, Machinarium, los Deponia....hay cosas majas!
The Merchant Squad [TMS]
RT @frenchben87: We're going live for a shortish and yet brain intensive stream in 10. Brain intensive because we're playing Deponia and m…
#Rufus from the #deponia trilogy #fanart #pointandclick #cute⚙️ https://t.co/rYd0K7FRtB
RT @CrazyKrakenStd: Hi #indiedevhour Today I released Subterraneus, my first game, on Steam! It's a Point and Click inspired by Monkey Is…
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/LFyoVAnw1O Waffe für Tuck | Deponia: Doomsday #6 |♦♣♦|


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