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Like weapon in the game, the pistol supports. Due to the great handling of the pistol, the laser sight is not necessary if the weapon is primarily used for shots that are aimed.

For both the conventional and Elite editions of this weapon, the wide variety of upgrade options means that a fully, or nearly fully, updated pistol can easily be your main weapon
. The harm subtraction if there is a silencer attached is only 5, which, at least on paper, is a loss of damage as compared to the harm penalty on weapons when a silencer is attached. In semi-automatic shooting, both variations have.

PATHETIC FALLACY: A sort of often accidental or awkward personification where a writer ascribes the individual feelings of his or her characters to inanimate objects or non-human phenomena surrounding them in the natural world. J. A. Cuddon notes that the phrase first appears in John Ruskin's Modern Painters, Volume 3, Part IV, an 1856 publication. For Ruskin, the term is derogatory. An example might be Coleridge's Christabel, where we read of a dancing autumn leaf:

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