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Created from the vapors that rise from the dense jungle swamps, these dumb forms seek the energy in all living things. Their eating habits do make them a threat to adventurers, while not bad in nature.

While Diablo and the Evils remained included in the Dark Soulstone, the rock itself exerts a corrupting influence on Heaven. Reforming the Horadrim, Tyrael took the stone to the Tomb of Rakkis, attempting to keep it concealed from the worlds of both Man and angel.

It is stated that of the Three, Diablo is the most creative and farsighted of them, perhaps of all the Great Evils. He's adorable, calm, and patient. He sees himself as an artist of dread. He understands that conquest comes when enemies turn their back on fear as opposed to face them. However, Diablo doesn't acquire his satisfaction from conquest itself, as Mephisto might. The terror that precedes the conquest is fed on by Diablo. To him, the fear a sufferer has is a greater reward than the pain that they suffer when they are in fact tortured.

Twitter Results:

[LIVE] Good day everybody! We gonna start Act 2 of Diablo 3, time to bash some skulls! https://t.co/nZ75VZv63a
@Boogie2988 God of war, red dead 2, Diablo 3 for switch, god of war, and god of war
Ted Johansson
@BlizzHeroes I wouldn't even care if they came out with Diablo 4, Warcraft 4 or even WoW 2. @Blizzard_Ent is dead t… https://t.co/5aDUBlcH4r
Check out our Diablo 2 selection for a massive selection and friendly prices. Find Runes, Runewords, Unique items,… https://t.co/87Owdirb0z
RT @Thomsen80: What's going on at @Blizzard_Ent ? Killing 3 esport titles in a short period of time. Hots, Overwatch (tier 2/3 scene) and H…
Steffen Thomsen
What's going on at @Blizzard_Ent ? Killing 3 esport titles in a short period of time. Hots, Overwatch (tier 2/3 sce… https://t.co/EQPSzdU7qI
@jourihara @redfoxpc I love both Musous and Diablo 2, I feel attacked ...
Le José Du Swag
Didnt play heroes of the storm for a while but still it makes me sad they'll just let it die, at this point it's ju… https://t.co/TudO9k2CII
@BlizzHeroes Finally... this trash game is dead... Blizzard you are failing slowly. Your games are just "trash" now… https://t.co/t3TtD2lXSF
RT @_Bands_FC: Football teams whose names sound like the songs on an imaginary Fall album: 1. Uganda Revenue Authority SC 2. Culter 3. Civ…
RT @fightanimalss: A mid day snack in the middle of the day....we gobbled it up in 2 min flat... https://t.co/zWziQUCXBt
Jarrad Adams
@MrSaladMonday @PaulChaloner Not even bleeding, mate. It just did not have it. The HotS finals at Blizzcon was less… https://t.co/AOHQxhsGx9
RT @KobePiper: 2 months ago I tried to commit suicide I was in the darkest place and lost so much faith and felt like I was praying to sile…
Marlon & Dexter🎄🎆🎁🎉🎅🍾🦌☃️🎀❄️
@TuppenceMeezer @iboogey1 @Miameeze @MeesSiameseCat2 @thegingermonty @yvonnemurphy53 @SiameseRescueUK… https://t.co/BrklLtpMxo
@Zotbot @Nelstar15 Damn. That's heartbreaking really. Hope blizzard sees that 1. Diablo mobile isn't the way to go… https://t.co/DfulMi1qIx


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