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Ellen eliminates the tar, revealing the portrait of Dracula. She places the painting in storage, and then reads an unpublished biography of Vlad Tepes, which portrays him. The book says Vlad's brother, Radu, was responsible for the suicide of Vlad's wife, telling her Vlad had been killed in battle and giving her a knife with which to kill herself. Vlad never recovered from her death, and turned into evil soon thereafter. The book explains Radu hated Vlad because when they were held captive by Sultan Murad II, Vlad had been released fourteen years prior to Radu. The book reproduces a letter in which he says 'my death is just the beginning of your torture, since you've refused to give me the gift you've thanks to me. My blood will remain restless for as long as my vengeance goes unsatisfied, and during your life, danger hangs over you'

His paints are arranged by chronological order
. Dracula's portrait has been painted in century paint. The foundation was the paint Yanek prepared for the paint and Da Vinci for the Hell of Bruegel. Discover how the character of paints gathered. The paints have the blood of woman, man or a vampire.

The Blood Legacy was first announced on August 23, 2013, at Gamescom, when Anuman Interactive revealed the game was under development by Koalabs Studio and could be published under Anuman's Microïds brand.

In relation to the game's narrative, the character of Professor Vambery was partly inspired by Ármin Vámbéry, a Turkologist, who stayed with Bram Stoker in London prior to the makeup of Dracula, and is said to have influenced many elements of the novel, including the depiction of Dracula himself. In fact, in 1442, Vlad II Dracul took his two eldest sons, Vlad and his half-brother Mircea, to fulfill Murad, who had supported Dracul in securing the throne of Wallachia. However, Murad took them prisoner. Both brothers were published in 1448, by which time their younger brother, Radu had earned the nickname 'Radu cel Frumos' and become friends with Murad's son, Mehmet, making Vlad's enmity, as a result of his hatred of the Turks. Radu eventually converted to Islam and entered Ottoman service, alienating Vlad more.

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