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The roots are available to both genders, but they are dependent upon both race and class. Dwarves cannot be mages. In Thedas they are not able to interact with the Fade and are therefore incredibly resistant to magic. So as to become a mage, and use magic, players must undergo the Magi origin and choose to be an elf or a human. The other two classes, , are available to all other races and origins.

All apprentices are taught to resist these temptations in the Circle of Magi, and the day comes when they must pass their final evaluation, the Harrowing. They're thrown to the wolves, given over to a demon to either summon the willpower needed to defeat it or be owned and perish at templar hands. If the apprentice fails they're made Tranquil, cut off from all magic and emotion and rendered unable to be possessed -for their own good. There are no other options, save to flee and be branded an apostate and so hunted by the templars forever.

It is a gorgeous game where you are able to select a character of female or male you can select the face, decide on the character, choose a class where there's magic, spirits and whole bunch of fantasy adventures.

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Tempted to play a game for an hour or two... do I continue replaying Dragon Age 2? Start replaying DA:I again OR do… https://t.co/1FSJSKsvCm
🌺🌻🌼 Choi Seunghyun's Magical Queen 🌸🌹
Will I ever be able to afford a new Laptop to be able to play my all time favorite game again: Dragon Age 2? I guess not...
dragon alexi 🐉
1. MAN IDK dragon age 2 maybe 2. I don’t have that strong feelings I just avoid shit that sounds bad 3. Little dra… https://t.co/2vJ59rrv5x
2 weeks off before my job starts, soo plenty of time to stream \o/ going live with some dragon age II blind https://t.co/8PDkqSDm5N
two years with lucas !!
2 years ago today you slid into my dm’s about dragon age, and 2 years later we’re still talking about dragon age. m… https://t.co/X2P6d1glW3
📷 niuniente: carylarth: fenris from dragon age 2  that red band’s not suppose to be there :P Oh, you... https://t.co/i3wl2KH3EA
ssan @ commissions open!
4. my ears are pierced! but only one piercing on each ear 5. dragon age 2 downloadable content 6. astro n svt thats honestly kinda it now
bee emoji
i'll buy anyone dragon age 2 but u have to finish it
f to pay respects
1. dragon age 2, mass effect 2, asscred 3 and animal crossing wild world 2. i really dont have an answer for this s… https://t.co/NGvK32o24s
wolf frien jr
dragon age 2 is trash but i love it anyway
🍭👻 𝖈𝖆𝖓D̶͉̘͈͗͆Î̶̦̼̯̈́̅͝ͅÉ̸͖͙͊ 🎃🦇
Hot Take but dragon age 2 had the best companions of all the games thnx for coming to my TED talk
Gary Gahm
RT @StephenGamesXB1: Hey y’all, streams will follow the same schedule this week except I’ll fit in Chrono Trigger tweets whenever I can. It…
Stephen Huston 🏳️‍🌈
Hey y’all, streams will follow the same schedule this week except I’ll fit in Chrono Trigger tweets whenever I can.… https://t.co/UbXCQGrVOz
mochi ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
7. Favorite protagonist: Probably Hawke from Dragon Age 2, 9s from Nier, or Jacob Frye from AC Syndicate 8. Worst p… https://t.co/si8na6Xrjl
Hinata Shōyō
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/voyWgTULY7 Complete Anders Romance | Dragon Age 2


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