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A collection of stamps promoting Dragon Ball Super showed 'Ideal Boss Frieza', some depicting the tyrant wearing a black tuxedo with a white undershirt and a red tie. Frieza wears this outfit at the Society Survival Saga.

While Frieza himself never tried to kill either his dad or brother during his lifetime, and will work with them to deal with threats to their family's reign , he's barely any real love or attachment to them, as well as scoffs at the idea of reviving his dad when Sorbet suggested it in both Resurrection 'F' and Dragon Ball Super. This is further shown when Universe 9 Supreme Kai Roh asks why Frieza would willingly betray Universe 7, asking him about any memories or loved ones Frieza may have, Frieza coldly dismisses him, saying he has no idea what he's talking about inducing Roh to label Frieza a psychopath when discussing the possibility of Frieza joining Team Universe 9 with Sidra.

At his core, Frieza relishes death, agony, and destruction, as he reveals in his enjoyment of Planet Vegeta's annihilation, as well as his maniacal glee when twice trying to blow up Planet Namek. He's noted as being one of the most sadistic and megalomaniacal characters in the series, and frequently tries to make his enemies suffer before he kills them. On a related note, Frieza also has some annoyance with the revival ability of the Dragon Balls, according to his aggravation when he learned that everybody he had killed had come back from the grave because of Goku and King Kai's plan, and afterwards declared his intent of ruining both Earth and New Namek after killing Goku specifically to destroy their balls and therefore ensure Goku can never come back from the dead. Like most other villains in Dragon Ball Z, Frieza has an ego. He also has a wit and clarifies in 'Face Off' the three things subsequently declares that Vegeta owns all three of those qualities, and he refuses to endure are bad haircuts, cowardice and insurrection.

According to an interview done by Shonen Jump with Toriyama, Frieza's final form was intentionally made to look small and less menacing: Toriyama wanted to go against the expectation that villains and monsters become larger and meaner looking the more powerful they are
.   In his first form, battle armor is usually worn by Frieza with a purple chest plate. When in his natural form and also his golden form, Frieza wears his race Bio Suit, the Z Fighting Suit. His body is equipped with a Cosmic Suit when in his Mecha form. In the Universe Survival Saga, he has a halo on his head due to being dead.

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