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This edition of this D&D game comprised its own version of the orc, in the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set . The orc was showcased as a player character race in the gazetteer The Orcs of Thar . Orcs were also later featured in the Dungeons & Dragons Game set , the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia , the Classic Dungeons & Dragons Game set , and the Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game series .

The orc was one of the earliest monsters introduced in the first edition of the match, at the Dungeons & Dragons 'white box' set , where they were described as tribal creatures which live in caves or villages.

The orc was rated first among the ten greatest low-level monsters by the authors of Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies. They explain the orc as 'The iconic man-beast savage... simply the traditional adversary for a low-level hero'

A variety of orc, known as 'scro' , were featured in the Spelljammer setting. Unlike the common orcs the scro were complicated and disciplined, with a powerful, well-organized martial culture.

Following the precedents set in the first Dungeons & Dragons materials, many d20 System publishers have retained Orcs in their own functions
. While a number of these publishers have analyzed orcs in greater depth than was the norm in earlier works, the majority of those have not reinvented this race as such, and it still tends to be identified with coarseness and brutality. Such products include Badaxe Games Heroes of High Favor: Half Orcs and Skirmisher Publishing's Orcs of the Triple Death line of miniatures, along with the Pathfinder role playing game by Paizo Publishing.

There's some controversy regarding orcs in the Dragonlance
. The 1st edition AD&D Dragonlance Adventures hardbound rulebook states that orcs don't exist on Krynn, with ogres and minotaurs largely replacing their typical role. Second and 3rd edition Dragonlance supplements remove orcs in the world of Krynn. The main confusion on the subject has occurred from a few Dragonlance novels and/or adventures in which the writer has accidentally included orcs. Specifically, the novel Kendermore by Mary Kirchoff, where one of the principal characters is a half-orc. This has occurred with other iconic races of Dungeons & Dragons, such as drow, which aren't native to the Dragonlance setting. Some suggest that the presence of orcs in Dragonlance could be explained through planar or distance travel as Krynn is connected to other Dungeons & Dragons worlds throughout the Planescape and Spelljammer settings.

Earlier versions of Dungeons & Dragons depicted orcs slightly differently. They were had snouts and Lawful Evil. An illustration by David C. Sutherland III in the 1977 Monster Manual clearly revealed them with pig-like faces, a depiction which persisted for many years. By way of example, illustrations accompanying the Dungeons & Dragons tournament adventure Round the Bend, published in issue #15 of Picture magazine , also portrayed them as pig-men.

This game is old, and it includes the 800x600 or 1024x768 resolution option in the settings menu as default which we dont have anylonger. These screen resolutions for the old screens 2004-2007 And if you want to play game perfectly match to you screen you need to edit your options.ini  resolution     anyway most of you don t know what I am talking about For instance if you've  1920X1080 or 1400X900 or something such as these, that is not exist in the game settings menu, so you gonna play the game as 1024X768 on a 1920X1080 screen. But you can now resolve this resolution shit with this tool by clicking only one button name call fix my resolution Woohoo I know thats so cool.Supports all BFME2 Languages.  

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