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First-person experience Ether One aims to explore a difficult topic -dementia -through puzzles and storytelling. The debut game from indie team White Paper Games is out today, and I've had a play. And a struggle. You can read my thoughts below.

On the weekend of the 29th White Paper Games attended the NEC in Birmingham to showcase Ether One for the first time as a finished game at EGX Rezzed There were tons and tons of amazing games on show including the highly anticipated Alien: Isolation and it was an honor to showcase near everyone
. Below are some great photos from the event.

Ether One, you might recall, was indie outfit White Paper Games' debut venture in 2014--an interesting Myst-like puzzler that explored themes of dementia
. The Manchester-based studio's next game boasts a similarly intriguing premise: The Occupation is a 'politically driven, first-person, narrative game set in 1980's North-West England in which you play as a whistleblowing journalist.'

On the 25th March 2014 White Paper Games released their very first name Ether One for the PC. We'd been working on this title for the last two and half years and it's been so great to finally get it out to everybody so that they can experience what we have been producing for what seems like an age.

I am not certain how it happened but The Gadget Show Live thought our game was good enough to showcase there! It honestly looks like such a fun event and we've never been before so we are really excited to head down there and show Ether One. If any of you are around the Birmingham NEC between the 9th-13th April make certain to stop by and say hello! We are surrounded by some very cool looking indie games so it needs to be great to showcase Ether One there.

The above trailer suggests it will be hands off than its forerunner, but contrary to its whistleblowing, terrorism, and politically unstable 1980's Britain themes--a time when the country was consumed by rioting in fact--I'm pretty certain White Paper will weave a similarly profound and engaging narrative into this one.  

'There are two paths in the world you can choose from,' write White Paper Games. 'At it's heart is a narrative exploration path free from puzzles where you can unfold the story at your own pace. There's also a deeper, more adventurous route in which you can complete complicated puzzles to restore life changing events of the patients history so as to help the validation of their life.'

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