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Since you can't integrate protectorates, but occasionally need some territory from them, you can now seize provinces from them. You want to have connection with them, and their liberty desire need to be below The state you choose must be within coring range, and carrying it will have severe effect on their desire to stay a protectorate.

This is a toggle which can be turned on/off on protectorates. When on, the overlord will pay an extra 33% of that countries land maintenance costs. However, their Liberty Desire is reduced by 10 percent as long as its on, and they get +20% Land Morale and +5% Nominal.

If an external power takes Kyoto and the old Shogunate keeps other states they will now lose the Shogunate standing and forfiet their Daimyo. As before a Daimyo can reestablish the Shogunate by conquering Kyoto.

Devastation: Provinces finally have devastation counter that goes from 0 to 100%. Instead of having separate modifiers, this value raises. It is slowly increased by unrest in a province.

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