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The individual powers-that-be known for the purification of mankind and the eradication of vampires and 'deviants bloodlines' -those born of a mix of human and vampire. And so began massive purges of the deviants that were reminiscent of the 'witch hunts' of centuries earlier. Probably the genocide was the exorcist corps the 'Gun Bullet Children'.

The massive forces of Church military's Crusaders began to obliterate every deviant commune throughout the world. Soon, the deviants could rally their own armies in opposition, including the Fifth Viscount who gathered allies and their supporting armies and started to push back in earnest.

As the overwhelmingly large human armies began to obliterate every vampire and deviant community across the world, the opposing deviant armies sought to gather allies and rally back. Lia Fyle is a half-human, half-vampire woman fighting on the side of the deviants as they embark upon a turnaround strategy, the 'Siege on the Holy Land'. Their strategy: to lay siege upon the people' 'Holy Land' and to destroy the Holy Lady Anhel who was the origin of the human military power. This is a battle in which defeat is an option for neither army.

The guerrilla forces and tactics of this deviants managed to counter the military of the Church and it was predicted that the conflict would stalemate into a long, drawn-out war. However, in defiance of all predictions, all forces of the Viscount alliance were decimated after just 1 month of struggle. And so it was that the world came to know of the exorcist corps that the Inquisition had deployed into battle and had so decisively turned the tide of this war: the 'Gun Bullet Children'.

After the passing of Cardinal Shrain, Cardinal Anheim ascended to the position of Head of the Inquisition. Immediately, he terminated Cardinal Shrain's proposed new policies and enacted even more drastic laws that called for the purification of mankind and the eradication of the deviants. And so began massive purges of the deviants, were reminiscent of the 'witch hunts' of ancient history, but definitely an act of contemporary genocide.

The beginning of the war extends back into the assassination of Cardinal Shrain one year and four months ago. Cardinal Shrain was the highest member of the Inquisition, but one of a limited number of moderates who were trying to repair the frosty relationships between the Church and deviant peoples.

Since recorded history, there was one force where the Church had averted conflict, the group of witches and deviants that functioned the only member of any vampire or deviant groups that was allowed the name of 'Lord' and was regarded as the most effective vampire on earth
. Now, from within the giant castle Pandemonium, the 'Undead Lord', stirred into motion.

Most believed that the death of the Cardinal was perpetrated by vampires who opposed co-existence with humans, but there were truthful-sounding whispers an internal power struggle in the Church could have been the true cause
. However, with was no hard evidence to prove either dcase, the real truth of the matter would remain forever shrouded in darkness.

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Ben Barrett
Returned to some schmups of yesteryear (eXceed 2nd Vampire REX and Jamestown) My left ring finger hurts, but it's… https://t.co/cgschbSEQW


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