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The NFL season format is made up of four-week preseason, a seventeen-week regular season , along with a twelve-team single-elimination playoff culminating in the Super Bowl, the league's championship game.

The only other postseason event hosted by the NFL is that the Pro Bowl, the league's all-star game. Since 2009, the Pro Bowl was held the week before the Super Bowl; in previous years, the game was held the week following the Super Bowl, but in an attempt to boost ratings, the game was moved to the week before.

Every NFL team is based in the contiguous United States. Though no team is based in a foreign country, the Jacksonville Jaguars started playing one home game annually at Wembley Stadium in London, England in 2013 as part of the NFL International Series.

Many NFL games are played on Sundays, with a Monday night game typically held at least one time a week and Thursday night games happening on most weeks also.

The team with the most NFL championships is the Green Bay Packers with thirteen ; the group with the most Super Bowl championships is the Pittsburgh Steelers with six. The present NFL champions are the New England Patriots, who defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34--28 in Super Bowl LI.

Every NFL club is granted a franchise, the league's authorization for the team to operate in its home town. This franchise covers 'Home Territory' and 'Home Marketing Area' . Every NFL member has the exclusive right to host professional soccer games inside its Home Territory and the exclusive right to advertise, promote, and host events in its Home Marketing Area. There are lots of exceptions to this rule, mostly relating to groups with close proximity to each other: the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders only have exclusive rights in their own cities and discuss rights outside of it; and teams that operate in exactly the same town or the same country discuss the rights to the city's Home Territory and the nation's Home Marketing Area, respectively.

In 2015, the NFL began sponsoring a series of public service announcements to bring attention to domestic abuse and sexual assault in response to what was seen as poor handling of incidents of violence by players.

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RT @AlexLightsaber9: Played Football Manager 2014 (PC) in the last 24 hours. http://t.co/u4R5Gwie3a
•Keira wants to die😭💔•
RT @JosephSMorris23: Throwback to #VMGNewcastle 2014 when I played alongside @ConceptOfficial. Very talented lads & @Scott_Harvey94 I’ll ne…
Loliby Sport
Leigh Griffiths has been a regular for Celtic since joining in 2014. Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has confirmed t… https://t.co/QvwEkR99Oc
Joseph Morris
Throwback to #VMGNewcastle 2014 when I played alongside @ConceptOfficial. Very talented lads & @Scott_Harvey94 I’ll… https://t.co/FclSGYhGcY
Spatula City
2018: Memphis OC 2016-17: Memphis QB/TE 2015: Arizona State GA 2014: Arizona State Quality Control 2009-13: High Sc… https://t.co/a4QoCfmf8b
@CurtHollinworth Football manager 2014 legend


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