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If a player takes more shots than the player that immediately preceded him\\her, a point is added to that player's score. Additionally, if a participant is unable to create a basket in 5 shots or less, another point is added to that player's score.

The first player shoots from the shooting line. If the shot is missed, the player must retrieve the rally, and take from the place that the rally was recovered. The other players are not allowed to interfere with either the ball or the player. The player continues to shoot until a basket is made, to a maximum of 5 shots. When the player has made the shot, the next player begins shooting, again from the shooting line. This player must make the basket at precisely the same number, or fewer shots than the preceding shooter. The next player then shoots, again from the shooting line and has to produce the basket in the same amount, or fewer shots than the player that immediately preceded him\\her in shooting.

Notes: Some players become quite creative with the 'shoot from where the ball was retrieved' rule, using one foot as a pivot foot, permitting them to correct their shot. When the ball is recovered quite far from the basket, a player may play a 'lob shot', progressing the ball closer to the basket, but this counts as a shot taken.

Some method should be adopted by the league to break tiessince there is a likelihood of a few teams winning the same number of matches or games. Many use the total points scored over the seasonto break ties . Others utilize points scored and points given up. The difference in points scored awarded to the game winner is another method.

Twitter Results:

Ed McFarland
@JClarkNBCS Worst quarter I’ve seen Redick play this year. He lost that game with bad mistakes. The offensive fou… https://t.co/i8hYm60s0B
💙🇺🇸♥️Veteran J Grismer⭐⭐⭐
This odd thing happened in Flint, all the houses that burned had been foreclosed by the same bank. But the police… https://t.co/UCibAmreqc
Elizabeth Karlsson
RT @nbcbayarea: #UPDATE: No signs of foul play so far as police and family search for 32-year-old Ian Powers of Spokane, Washington, who va…
Elongated Muskrat
@DeltaBravoNews @drawandstrike Full RED ticket, even judges & local offices Don’t know any, & can’t even imagine a… https://t.co/54lX6Hg06P
beez of plenty 🦃
@WorldWideWob How bout that elbow to the neck against embiid not getting called after a very soft offensive foul on… https://t.co/ffvFP9NJUI
I mean how do you coach JJJ not to foul because I mean read JB's lips and he is coaching like hey don't foul. We go… https://t.co/Nn1ZoaSQ1C
(((Barbara Albin))) Every Vote Should Be Counted
RT @nbcbayarea: #UPDATE: No signs of foul play so far as police and family search for 32-year-old Ian Powers of Spokane, Washington, who va…
South Florida Sun Sentinel
Body found in canal appears to be homicide victim, deputies say https://t.co/fk76Vkx9j9 https://t.co/ofDbOH9yCN
RT @MaxLewisWSBT: Rafaella Stroik's body was pulled from a lake this morning more than 100 miles from St. Louis, police don't see signs of…
YungDro Prodroductions
@ABC How can "authorities" say there is no evidence of foul play before the autopsy is even completed?
@treasonstickers Avenatti, based not on any knowledge of him but based on his ex-wife's testimonials and a deep suspicion on GOP foul play.


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