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Prince Hans of the Southern Isles is Disney's 2013 animated feature film, Frozen's antagonist. He's the youngest of thirteen sons with -concealed beneath his charming fa├žade -a sinister plot to rule Arendelle as king.

Hans is the thirteenth prince from the Kingdom of the Southern Isles and the youngest of the thirteen children born from the King and Queen of this barren kingdom. Much of Hans' ago was explored in the novel A Frozen Heart; throughout his early years, Hans obtained a regarding amount of psychological and physical abuse at the hands of his brothers, who treated him with minimal maintenance due to being the youngest child of the clan. Lars, one brother, was and treated Hans the only sibling in.

Hans' most powerful trait is quite possibly his vast intelligence and incredible ability to lie, dissemble, and control. He's proven to be thinking, resourceful, and extremely diligent, being able to fool the kingdom without fail. But, unlike many Disney villains, Hans constantly has to change his plot accordingly without letting his villainous nature with the events which occur in the film. As he comes close to achieving his goal notwithstanding circumstances that are unstable, this is an interesting challenge for a Disney villain to handle adding to his level of intelligence.

While he is in control of the kingdom, to protect himself from the harsh winter, Hans dons a cloak resembling the castle guards' uniforms. However, because the patterning differs from the decorations on the Arendelle guardsmen cloaks and instead resembles the ornaments on Hans' own Vintage tailcoat, and the Arendelle crocus emblem is not seen anywhere on it, it's likely it is his very own coat he brought with him from the Southern Isles. It's a dull, gray cloak with a interior and wavy patterns. In the palace of Elsa, however, it seems to have more of a shade.

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