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It was towards the end of the Republic's millennium of peace which Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum, hampered by a bloated government and a corrupt Senate, was not able to respond to an invasion of the planet Naboo in 32 BBY. As a result, the resulting election saw Valorum removed from office and Palpatine gained the majority vote to become Supreme Chancellor.

Directly adjacent to the Senate Building was the Senate Office Building. The construction had bays that wrapped around the building, allowing Senators walk inside and to land their shuttles. The building contained mostly meeting rooms and offices for members of the Senate but also held the offices. With several statues and walls in addition to floors, the Chancellor's office was decorated during Palpatine's term. A lobby resulted in the Chancellor's public office, which comprised a grand desk and large window that overlooked the cityscape. To Palpatine private office, the other hallway led to the side.

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