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Far from over, unlike the surface kingdoms the war for the dwarves was. Underground, the darkspawn continued their relentless assault against the severely weakened empire. In response most of the Deep Roads were sealed and communication lines faltered between the surviving kingdoms. As a result, at -195 Historical , each kingdom elected its own king while maintaining allegiance to the High King of Orzammar.

In 9:12 Dragon it's discovered that the kingdom of Kal-Sharok had actually survived. However the relations between the two kingdoms are strained because Orzammar demands Kal-Sharok's allegiance and since it had been abandoned by Orzammar a millennium ago. Bownammar is missing to the darkspawn.

The empire has been surrounded by various kingdoms, the main being Kal-Sharok, Orzammar, Gundaar and Hormak
. At least since the times of the First Blight, every kingdom had its own Assembly, which maintained allegiance to the capital of their empire.

Kal-Sharok was thought to be lost to the darkspawn incursion following the First Blight, but in 9:12 of the Dragon Age the king of Orzammar heard of Kal-Sharok's survival, although it had done so only at great cost, and with a great deal of resentment against the dwarves of Orzammar who had shut off the Deep Roads and handed up Kal-Sharok for dead. Far from a joyous reunion, communicating between the kingdoms has thus far consisted of Orzammar's insistence that Kal Sharok pay homage to its king and Kal Sharok's response that they consider that the denizens of Orzammar who gave them up for dead to become wraith-blooded traitors into the Stone. It is unknown what the future relationship of the two cities will be, if anything.

But, the darkspawn continued pushing, and in a bid to save the race from complete annihilation, High King Threestone ordered the sealing of the Deep Roads resulting in the remaining three kingdoms in -40 Ancient . The last of the Roads are sealed in -15 Ancient cutting off Kal-Sharok that is believed lost. The kingdom of Orzammar had become the sole bastion of dwarven culture in Thedas, the last outpost of the race.

One would be hard pressed to find a people prouder of their history and achievements compared to the dwarves of Orzammar. They've done a lot of great worth. Their architectural feats alone are staggering. However, their greatest triumphs are also all long ago, and their pride eclipses them. In actuality, the dwarves' pride has contributed substantially, if not definitively, to Orzammar's current condition. There's little doubt that their embattled kingdom could stand the military aid of any surface kingdom that would be prepared to provide it.

The Legion of the Dead is an independent branch of the dwarven army which answers directly to the Kings and Queens of Orzammar. It is thought of as the most intimidating and catastrophic dwarven military force and many attribute this to the fact that the Legionnaires believe themselves already dead.

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