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Snake disliked wearing hats, preferring his bandana, despite 'Master Miller' warning him that 70 percent of body heat dissipates from the mind. Snake was not too enthusiastic with using weapons, notifying Raiden as much during the Big Shell Incident. He did have knowledge about how best to use them, and in 2014, he also utilized a stun knife.

Sometime prior to 2014, the Pentagon declassified documents relating to Big Boss's exploits during the 1960s, which evidently contributed greatly to his legend to the populace, and his CQC was also being taught in the military. Otacon initially thought that Snake lifted his self imposed ban to reveal how it's really done but Snake corrected him and said his body just simply reacts with the 'real deal' when he sees their 'cookie cutter fake' coming at him and embraced the use of a stun knife.

Snake didn't believe in the supernatural; when Otacon clarified the technology to attach to walls, he asked if Vamp could have used it during the Big Shell Incident. Otacon said it was possible, and Snake said that Vamp wasn't unnatural and despite the signs, believed that Vamp was not actually immortal.

Afterwards, David joined Big Boss's special forces unit FOXHOUND, during which time he received the codename 'Solid Snake.' While getting FOXHOUND's training regimen, he became an expert of closed-circuit open-circuit combat diving, linguistics, skydiving, and climbing.

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