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LRTeleport is an EP ability that allows Lightning to twist. It can't be used during battle. It's obtained after Lightning leaves Luxerion for the first time. Teleport cost 2 or 3 EP to use. The warp points are unlocked as they are visited for the first time: Luxerion North Station, Luxerion South Station, Yusnaan Station, Wildlands Station, Jagd Village, Aryas Village, Wildlands Research Camp, Dead Dunes Station, Ruffian, and the Supreme Lair .

Adventurers are able to expend Anima to teleport to any Aetheryte camp they've seen in the world. An individual can also spend this Anima to teleport to an Aetherial Node in its sub-region from a camp. It is possible Node to return there, particularly after being incapacitated or to place the Home Point at an Aetheryte Crystal of one.

Some critters only appear during the rain, such as the Gigantoad. This also affects some hunts. When it starts raining, its hood is automatically put up by the Regalia. If the player sets up camp in the rain they won't get a 'sitting round the fire' scene, as the party won't want to spend time outside in bad weather.

FFL2Teleport is an ability that has 30 uses, in addition, it increases a Robot's HP by The player will be able to teleport. This capacity can be used by Athtalot, Byak-Ko DemoLoad GigaWorm, Jorgandr Lich, Mantis, Scarab, Susano-O , Sylph, Titania, and Unicorn.

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