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Some have suggested the Light Force may be another name for the Triforce of Wisdom, since Zelda is its carrier. Since the Triforce of Wisdom can not grant the forces to someone there is controversy here too. Zelda would have died had the Light Force been fully extracted from her, without harming her, yet from Zelda, the Triforce of Wisdom is taken in The Wind Waker.

Some theorize that the Light Force and the Triforce are one and the same, which the Light Force is just one piece of the Triforce , or the Light Force is the 'True Tetraforce'. Reasons include the Light Force's portrayal on a glass window being of a single triangle, much like the Triforce, which is made up of three triangles. Also, both can grant the user great power.

The Triforce symbol appears on Zelda's Dress, Link's shield, and in various places in Hyrule Castle, the Royal Valley, along with the Royal Crypt. Another power that was similar known as the Light Force looks in this game but its exact relation to the Triforce, if any, is unknown.

In Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, for some reason, Impa has the Triforce of Wisdom; it acts in an oracular fashion, and a few cutscenes show her looking into it rather like a crystal ball. It is depicted as light blue rather than gold.

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🍓 ميشل
RT @foxandcity: A chilling story of the aftermath of Oakland's tragic #GhostShip fire. It's a story with numerous questions for #urbanism—…
The Fox and the City (Blair Lorenzo)
A chilling story of the aftermath of Oakland's tragic #GhostShip fire. It's a story with numerous questions for… https://t.co/gYGamNlAKf


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