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Peterson had to watch all this, largely. He had six carries for 18 yards -or 9 yards after his run on the game's first snap from scrimmage -and was targeted for one pass in the end zone on a play.

'People jump to conclusions and make their own assumptions when they have no idea what was said,' Peterson told reporters after his Saints debut was ruined from the Minnesota Vikings, his former team.

Love for Payton was probably way low on Peterson's record after he logged just four carries in the first half and hardly made a ripple during a 29-19 setback. So this is how the new chapter of Peterson begins. Full of denials.

Saints running back Adrian Peterson, who played for the Vikings before this year, talks to present Vikings rookie running back Dalvin Cook after the game on Monday.  

Then again, there were so many fingerprints on this specific effort. The Saints had eight possessions for the game and drove inside the red zone. They had just 1 touchdown to show for it.

Payton, as he did after Monday night's defeat, has always maintained that he'll work out the best ways to rotate Peterson to the mix on a game-by-game basis
. That depends on matchups and competitions, for sure. And there's another element in rookie Alvin Kamara, who might be the Saints backs' best receiving threat. But as the opener revealed, the manner in which Peterson and Co. are set up also depends on the flow of the game.

Instead, the Vikings produced about as complete of a success as you could get and demonstrated that they are merely fine without the franchise's all-time top rusher. Sam Bradford torched the New Orleans defense using a three-touchdown performance. Peterson's rookie replacement, Dalvin Cook, rushed for 127 yards. The defense kept the Saints from the end zone before a garbage time touchdown.

Add to the manner in which New Orleans' much-maligned defense was gashed -the Vikings put up 470 yards, had touchdown drives of 89 and 95 yards, and a field goal drive that went 14 plays -and it was not about complementary football.

Whatever the description, Adrian Peterson sure seemed to be sending New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton a not-so-pleasant message during a brief sideline market as the second half started at US Bank Stadium on Monday night.

If you know anything about what makes Peterson tick, you know it burnt him to come and lay an egg in this particular game, a nationally televised showcase in which the 32-year-old could prove he can still be a dominant force with his new team

The initial eyeglasses were made in Northern Italy, probably in Pisa, by roughly 1290: In a sermon delivered on 23 February 1306, the Dominican friar Giordano da Pisa wrote 'It isn't yet twenty years since there was found the art of making eyeglasses, which make for great vision... And it's so short a time this new art, never before extant, was detected.   ... I saw the person who first discovered and practiced it, and I talked to him.'

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Bat glare #PS4share https://t.co/o61wFFczlW
I wanna wrap myself up in a huge scarf so I can hide in it and glare at the rain https://t.co/K2hZbDSFmz
RT @itsthelovexiut: @dyororo_ Plot twist: Meongmool has astigmatism too. The glare connected them uwu https://t.co/TzdGvyLrXE
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in the sandstorm I glare at despair【Right Rebellion】
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