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Karachi, PakistanWe obtained our agent back, and she maintains she uttered intel about an attack on inbound American air traffic, it could be chicken feed but when it's real, that could torpedo US-Pakistani relations. So we can self-destruct the Stingers now and probably take out civilians, or we can time it to the assault, and also make sure we nailed only targets.

Manila, Philippines'Birthday celebration' is standard code for an assault. Our 'friend' in the Darah Dan Doa just got popped by authorities in Manila after a bar fight, but he is not talking, and the natives are not carrying our warnings seriously. We could grab the guy and interrogate ourselves, or wait, and see if Bin Hir's people reveal themselves. What's the play?

Jorie's mission is to stop a deadly infestation of bio-mechanical organisms from using Earth because of its breeding ground. If she succeeds, she could save a world and win a captaincy. But she'll need Theo's aid, even if their unlikely partnership does threaten to put off an intergalactic incident.

Twitter Results:

Bri Dellechiaie
Having a rough day and just wanna come home and talk to Mal but she's gone and the reason I'm having a rough day is because she's gone
Jeff Hodges
@lenazun I know you’re probably on top of this, but I just got an air purifier at home (and made sure to remove the… https://t.co/3rouHcIWDx
@tunaeP_ Indeed. What if that man would’ve gone home and killed his self 🙁
@AlissaDrayson @EpicGlitterYay @landxhp @TripleB851 @ThomasJohnMurch I'm the odd person out then... I've played gam… https://t.co/5aZRa2rtm1
Manish Kumar Mishra
RT @NatGeoIndia: Every day brings us one step closer to a barren landscape. But how far has our home already gone; can you tell the differe…
ratchet saturn girl
Maybe it’s my sag venus talking but I genuinely don’t understand how ppl don’t like traveling or can live in the sa… https://t.co/EzV2B7sWSQ
Timalynn Taylorr
Every time I’ve gone to the store for some scribbler popsicles they don’t have them or they’re out. I finally found… https://t.co/Em7AXPi0tp
Millie Christy
RT @ghoulcabin: jeff stelling: should’ve gone to specsavers charlie cos i tell u what he’s not offside my brain: don’t say it don’t say it…
💙Queen Kole❤️
About time to clear house because it’s not feeling like home it’s starting to feel like I’m just a guest and that ain’t gone cut it.
I've got a little ending to Home Alone thing going where the wife has been gone for two days and is about to come h… https://t.co/3puVt9JZas
brev gretzky
@Cleckley_814 i knew you was gone be scared after you came home from down state smh
@wwdnet2 I am fortunate to live in the deep south and we are mostly still conservative. Never realized until a few… https://t.co/t7WRyT7mGe
So much love for my girl for dealing with me always being gone, can’t wait to be home dec 21st 😊
My aunt and uncles home in Malibu completely gone. Heartbroken over my home state right now. Wish I could have sta… https://t.co/PsAonpkOyl
Elizabeth Dodson
Say goodbye to these five 2018 trends before they’re gone | Remodeling | Design, Interior Design, Walls, Wallpaper… https://t.co/EeLtY2Q7cC


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