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7-Mode and Cluster-Mode are encouraged with ONTAP 8 and higher. Tivoli Storage Manager does not support Netapp s NDMP Cluster Aware Backup extension NDMP backups for a system must be configured as NDMP operations.

Cluster Mode is supported with ONTAP 8.2 and higher. Tivoli Storage Manager does not support Netapp s NDMP Cluster Aware Backup extension, therefore NDMP backups for a clustered system must be configured as NDMP operations.

The Tivoli Storage Manager device driver has different code paths for Libraries and Drives. Consequently if there is a Library supported by the Tivoli Storage Manager device driver then any Tivoli Storage Manager supported drive will be supported in that library. This is true for Tape and Optical. For instance, if a library is supported in 6.3.4 and a drive is supported in 7.1.0, the driveway will be encouraged in the library in 7.1. If a drive is supported in 6.3.4 and a library is supported in 7.1.0, the drive will be encouraged in the library in 7.1.

License s is are for personal use on all supported devices you own for the duration of your subscription. Not all features are available for all operating systems; see system requirements for devices.

32-bit Windows operating system only, 64-bit AIX, HP-UX, and Solaris operating systems only. Customers must install the Centera SDK. No longer supported on 32-bit Windows using Tivoli Storage Manager 6.2 and later.

The platform areas in the table below AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and Windows identify the Tivoli Storage Manager server platforms and minimal fix level needed to support the device
. Advanced device support may be required by some devices. Refer to the table legend. When either a unique level is specified such as 7.1.0 or base level is defined, it indicates that support for that device exists starting at the level and for all follow releases or levels. The following base amount is assumed when Base, is specified. The base levels minimum fix level required to support the apparatus are: Version 6, Release 3, Mod 0, Repair Level

Note: It is recommended that the customer open a ticket using the hardware vendor first, before contacting Tivoli Storage Manager Support. This way, in cases where the issue is determined to be related to an IBM part LTO tape drive or IBM tape device driver, the hardware library seller will already have support contacts inside the IBM Tape organization.

Consists of all-new Norton Antivirus dashboard widget.Detects and removes viruses, Trojan horses, and rootkits.Vulnerability Protection prevents identity thieves from exploiting security holes on your operating

BitDefender Antivirus Free, è uno dei migliori antivirus gratuiti per sistemi operativi Windows, leggero ed estremamente efficace, si è rivelato addirittura superiore, in termini di riconoscimento delle minacce, a prodotti che vengono definiti leader del settore da gran parte degli esperti, come Avira e Avast. Nella versione 2015, BitDefender si presenta con una interfaccia migliorata e più usabile, non appesantisce il sistema e, tramite un algoritmo basato sull intelligenza artificiale, riesce a intercettare virus, trojan e malware prima che possano attivarsi, con un metodo proattivo di grande efficacia.

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