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The knights became the ancestors of what would come to be commonly known by the mid-1810s as Grimms  .

Endezeichen Grimms are the worst type of Grimms you will find; they're ruthless, xenophobic, and sadistic Grimms, who savagely murder and torture Wesen, not caring if the Wesen in question are good or bad because they think all Wesen are abominations.

Mike Hale of The New York Times said of season three, 'Grimm isn't a deep show , but few are more purely entertaining -engaging, smart, tense, funny, well paced and incorporating a cast that is remarkably appealing as the friends and colleagues that help Nick.'

During the Fourth Crusade, seven knights in service to the Seven Homes participated in the sack of Constantinople. These knights were needed to maintain the Wesen in line which made up the brunt of the Royals' Army. The knights brought back a treasure from Constantinople so strong that they feared it coming into the possession of their masters. They created a map and hid the treasure.  

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RT @GRIMM_Gent: They're back! Indian metal sensation Bloodywood releases new official music video for the track "Endurant"! Go have a look!…
── ヒロ・ハマダ
RT @andrewgrimmx: ∔ Mr. Grimm Garfield ∔ English-American Age/24 ❛Saint, I'M A SINNER❜ ❝I BELIEVE IN GOD;…
@MarillionGirl76 again, apologies for the latency but thank you for being patient! 😇😇 https://t.co/HSd5wzdQZX
RT @gencci_animatio: How everyone gets in Smash https://t.co/3zttZx8PQ3
His face was wizened and wrinkled like a ripe walnut, and as he peered short-sightedly at me out of his goggle spec… https://t.co/pWiS4PYbtU
MarillionGirl TL40x11
@Grimm_Skitzo Egg is on 😊
@MarillionGirl76 Aw thank you! I’m getting better, and okay no problem. I’m pretty sure, I’ve got to just open your gift. Aha
Level 99 Archmagos
@LordEnchanter @R3D_5T4R Plus, what if a monkey, with mechanical arms, legs, and other body parts, just burst into… https://t.co/hL6O6fJpLD
MarillionGirl TL40x11
@Grimm_Skitzo Sad to hear that 🙁 I hope you are feeling better now. I will put an egg on now and open.
RT @MalecWilsonSean: @Malec586 @EmilyEmilyf Same for me too! Malec and Wilson are going to be my death I know it! I'm also obsessed with Sh…
⏳Giorgia Magnoni➰🌈
@Malec586 @EmilyEmilyf Same for me too! Malec and Wilson are going to be my death I know it! I'm also obsessed with… https://t.co/p4veM2r7I4
@MarillionGirl76 Yeah I am so sorry about that, Christmas break I hadn’t played much and I’ve been terribly sick la… https://t.co/nM74DeV6VP
MarillionGirl TL40x11
@Grimm_Skitzo I have tried to get hold of you 😊 I https://t.co/28HF0mAhea just open today since I have had no respo… https://t.co/7L09ywVWPV
T'Chibi of Waganda
A few hours ago I realized I missed an opportunity to crack a perfect pun about Ben Grimm, and it could've been jus… https://t.co/LX5ApCHODy
Lhal Colcol
RT @DuterteWatchdog: I would like to officially state here that I do not call him Salamander because of his first name, but because of his…


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