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Monroe is seen by Nick Burkhardt, trying to show Juliette the Wesen he sees are real. Nick asks Monroe to Woge to a Blutbad. Right before Juliette can see, she faints, although he agrees reluctantly.

Juliette visits Monroe at home to talk about Nick. She tells Monroe that she remembers loving Nick, but is unsure as to what Nick's feelings for her are, after the way she's treated him recently. Monroe assures her that Nick loves her. She then asks Monroe what a Grimm is, and he clarify that a Grimm is someone who sees thing that others can't. She then remembers Nick saying something similar before she collapsed into her coma.

Monroe ambushes Nick, both temporarily grapple; Monroe subtly and voluntarily forfeits the fight. Monroe invites Nick inside to have a beer, over which they spoke about Grimms, Wesen, and Monroe's life as a Wieder Blutbad. Nick realized he had the Blutbad, and Monroe helped Nick find the one responsible.  

Monroe is attacked by Reapers. This is their way of telling him that they disapprove of animals friendly interaction with a Grimm. When Nick sees Monroe's extensive injuries and hears what happened, he quickly offers to never request Monroe's help again. But Monroe firmly states he'll keep on assisting Nick.

Nick and Monroe are talking in the park about both Eisbiber boys egging Nick's house. Monroe reminds him that Grimms are a fascination to a lot of members of their Wesen community, and they are considered semi-mythological to many Wesen. Monroe then asks about Nick's progress in revealing his being a Grimm to Juliette, and if Nick admits he has not yet told her anything, Monroe responds that Grimms shouldn't be so courageous after all. Monroe also later takes Nick to a Wesen retirement house to go to Charlotte, a Wieder Spinnetod.

Monroe tells Nick about Reinigen, and the way they are at the bottom of the food chain
. Nick then asks Monroe to talk to Roddy Geiger, as Roddy knows that Nick is a Grimm and therefore distrusts him ,   and convinces Monroe to by describing Roddy's talent with a violin. Roddy is playing a Brahms concerto when Monroe arrives, which Monroe comments on. When Monroe says that he is a friend of Detective Burkhardt, Roddy tries to shut the door, but Monroe catches it, partly woging and showing his Wesen form. This induces Roddy to back away in fear, demonstrating Monroe's point that 'Reinigen and Blutbaden aren't drinking friends.' Monroe tells Roddy about how Nick isn't like other Grimms and that Nick is worried about Roddy. Monroe then proceeds to try to lecture Roddy on 'not being stupid' and how he has talent. Monroe then leaves feeling proud of himself.

Monroe is seen by Nick for Serum Exomologesis, a truth serum for puppy Wesen, so that Nick can interrogate Adrian Zayne, a Schakal, but Nick finds Zayne's body branded. On the news, they show the symbol, which Monroe and Bud recognize as the emblem of the nightmares a Gterbestunde, the sign of the Endezeichen Grimm. He shows Nick and Hank a Wesen fairytale book: the Albtraume fur Wesen Kinder.

Nick and Monroe are later in the trailer, Searching for entries in the books about Taureus-Armenta and Volcanalis. They find it and bring the book to Renard for translation. Monroe is subsequently working with Nick, Renard and Markus to defeat the creature. When Volcanalis is rising from the sewer pit, Monroe is hiding behind the liquid nitrogen combined with Nick and Renard. He woges due to fear and tells himself to get a grip. After Markus smashes the frozen Volcanalis, Monroe picks up a piece of the former monster and sees the fiery eye still looking at all them.

Monroe again helps Nick by guarding Aunt Marie when her police protection is canceled
. Monroe arrives at the hospital, and he and Marie have a terse conversation, which can be interrupted by Monroe noticing men that are stalking Marie's hospital room. He follows one of the assassins down into the hospital basement, and is ambushed by another assassin. Monroe supposes his Blutbaden form and severely beats the two, tearing off the arm of one of the assailants. Monroe then leaves quickly so that he is not captured at the scene. Before leaving, Monroe telephones Nick to tell him he must abort protection detail and warns him to get into the hospital because he is not sure that he got all the assassins. As Monroe flees, a guy dressed as a priest attacks Marie, but she fights back and kills him as Nick arrives. Sadly the strain was too much for her weakened body to shoot, and she dies in Nick's arms.

At the end of the episode, Renard walks into the spice shop with Juliette and they embrace and kiss. Monroe walks from the back room, prepared to aid them awkwardly waits for them to finish. Juliette turns around to find out who he is, and Monroe is shocked. Juliette, not knowing what to do, walks out.

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