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Arya spends most of her time doing balancing and swordplay exercises as Syrio instructed her. During one of these she discovers a secret passage in the Red Keep. She overhears two men, who by description appear to be Illyrio and Varys Mopatis speaking about spies, Cersei, and her father.

Arya has spend her whole life at Winterfell, though she did accompany her father on two occasions to White Harbor. Arya has been tutored by Septa Mordane in the womanly arts ,

Brienne of Tarth visits the Quiet Isle during her search for Sansa Stark
. She learns which Sansa's sister Arya was in the business of Sandor Clegane, but she might have been killed in the raid on Saltpans.

Trump has the unique mixture of confidence, paranoia, and ignorance that creates a perfectly untrickable individual. He believes global warming, a savagely obvious thing only one political party in one of the world's nations is not aware of, is a scheme to undermine America's industry. He believes the same thing about the Paris Climate Accords and regulations against dumping coal sludge into drinking water. It might take two minutes to teach a six-year-old Honduran immigrant the English necessary to teach Donald Trump why he is wrong about any of these things. Which would, at best, lead to a tweet asserting that Mexican children are a strategy to destroy America's industry.

Twitter Results:

Night Watchman
RT @AviAhvee: We really need a Republican-to-English dictionary: -Perjury Trap: being caught lying under oath -Gun Rights: gun lobbyist r…
Johnny Noir =Bastet:Bagheera=
@VagabondWolfe < before and then the release of shedding the guise of a man to that of the wyld. A wolf. Once it w… https://t.co/X9Gc2wDDUq
@shilpamdas Maximum utilisation of the situation and in the guise manipulate to step into Sri padmanaba treasure..… https://t.co/BImRUDAuR6
@tommy_barness @ozosonoftozo @RLChambersIII @charliekirk11 I am also curious. Your page says you are a patriot but… https://t.co/XdDmerXJJl
sarah askir massie
@PaulEmbery @RebeccaOram1 Let's hope he's assigned to solitary confinement to protect women prisoners. As a general… https://t.co/Tz9aSyWGP3
@ramlafarah81 @HAGOODMANAUTHOR You obviously weren't paying attention in 2016. There were literally thousands of u… https://t.co/ZaR16I46uK
RT @nytimes: More than a week after Saudi agents killed Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia sent an expert team to clean up evidence of the crime…
@LDSdiscussions where you're being disingenuous is under the guise of "open mindedness" when you're really a wolf i… https://t.co/7Yr7wX9oka


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