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If someone told me that a 2D survival horror game could be fun and cool only a few days ago, I'd laugh hard.But when I got this game, installed it and played with it for a while, I was quietly amazed by how great it looks. Its fun is on the highest possible level and enemies get crazy from second to second. They kinda remind me of the 'legendary' Left 4 Dead.The game has amazing graphics and sounds and the effort put into it is obvious on the very first look. It is definitely one of the best 2D games which exist.If you love zombies and/or blood, this game is right for you! Difficult to believe, but there are really.

This match was highly enjoyable through the time that I have played it. It had everything I expected with a mobster and the mafia. It had a satisfying ending. For some reason I loved the name Vinnie Cannoli and now I'll want to try out Cannoli.I would suggest this game to my friends because of its artwork, gameplay, story, and mobsters. I also hear so YAY skins are coming. I don't have anything negative to say on this game's behalf because I liked the game so much.

If you like the side scrolling shooting games, then this is a very well made game in the metallic slug/contra field of drama. There are a number of different sort of weapons which keep the game fresh along with various types of enemies, bosses , and essentially a run and shoot gameplay that's satisfying to play.It's relatively brief. I think it's for the best, although five to six hours realistically. It keeps the game from getting boring. The game knows what it does best and sticks to it.It's certainly a recommend if you enjoy these kinds of games.Graphics 8 very clean artstyleStory 6.5 well, I give them credit for having a story even if it's fairly barebone.Gameplay 8 Fun while it lastsMusic/VO 6 Good voice acting, music gets older quick.Replay 6 There are reasons to play, different skins, but to be honest there is not a lot to return to once you're done.Total: 34.5/50 69 percent

Guns, Gore & Cannoli is unique. Most survival horror games today prefer the stealth approach of this genre or they follow the trend of names such as Amnesia, Outlast, Slender etc.. .Not this game.Guns, Gore & Cannoli takes the form of a run&gun game a la Contra or Metal Slug. It is extreme and beautifully made. Also you can play with three of your friends, which makes the game some type of 2D version of Left 4 Dead.It's insanely fun.

'There is never a boring moment in Guns, Gore & Cannoli, and it ends just at the perfect time too
. Vinnie may not be the most likeable protagonist at a game but he knows how to get the job done.' -

Twitter Results:

my video game review of Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 for PS4: https://t.co/YeTAVbpCsc via @YouTube
Marie Duclos
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Guns Gore and Cannoli 2) live at https://t.co/v6Qq6SQL7E
Live with guns, gore and cannoli https://t.co/zTWRCOOHc6
@CandyQuenxo when you get time go to g2a and get guns, gore and cannoli. It’s so fun!! You need to start streaming again too.
@pcgamer I don’t want to be in a magazine but guns, gore and cannoli is a ton of fun and rage. Can’t believe I just… https://t.co/NcWwXy8QfW
I will continue guns, gore and cannoli on stream this afternoon after work. Hope to see you there.
Dan the fuckin man
Desmond plays Guns Gore and Cannoli 2!! https://t.co/3PEnbPIzK6 via @YouTube
Dan the fuckin man
Desmond plays Guns Gore and Cannoli 2!! https://t.co/RoiC9eB4eb
Neville Johnson
I completed the game Guns, Gore & Cannoli #TrueAchievements https://t.co/YTvkZx0jNr
Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 Guns gore and Cannoli 2 (Platinum) Earn all Guns Gore and Cannoli 2 trophies number 207 https://t.co/MZ0Y8pYgyV
Had no idea Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 was already out but it’s part of the PSN Holiday sale - yesssss! Loved the fir… https://t.co/bztCzX9sag
Mohammad Dashti
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live (Guns Gore and Cannoli 2) live at https://t.co/O8aY0TQl1f
Earned 5 PSN trophies (3 silver and 2 bronze) in Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2 https://t.co/AKVLxSsZr3
I started the game Guns, Gore & Cannoli https://t.co/sSN4IwbMIk
I completed the game Guns, Gore & Cannoli #TrueAchievements https://t.co/GKPg7QnraD


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