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Thinking about all this, I could not help the sad grin that crept on to my face. My family was, pretty much, dead with me being the only one still trying to live, though it felt like I was just going through the motions, I wanted to live even after everything that had happened to me.

XXX'Help!' I cried as I banged bleeding fists against the filth covered door to the locker, my locker. It was the same locker I had used to store my stuff in for the last two years, yet now, I was trapped in it like a fighter stuck in a box as I screamed, begged even, for someone to let me out. Part of me knew it was futile, I had heard the bell ring, what felt like, hours ago and the stamping of feet that had ran passed the locker, some even being as unbelievable as hammering on the door to the locker, laughing and walking past me as though it was one big joke.

As my eyes closed for the last time, I felt something cold run through my mind, tendrils of ice and fire as a blurry image of two enormous beings filled my mind's eye until everything gradually disappeared behind a curtain of the purest black

XXXMetal shifted, altered, separated and joined as They worked. Building a Form rapidly in the substances that lay around the Creator/Mother-of-the-All/Source while ensuring that all hazardous materials were removed from contact with her. They worked meticulously to make sure such was the result, but even then, They neglected in certain aspects of their work, both of the Carbon-based Tissue Constructs/Limbs/Manipulators. Still, the Creator/Mother-of-the-All/Source was alive, something that They knew was a good thing even as they continued to function, fixing what damage was present to her kind before moving onwards with their own form to get Her to a more secure location. Internally, they may not have understood why they needed to do this, but it was written inside their protocols and simulated instincts, and at the moment, They agreed together entirely.

Countless connections and wires formed, tangling themselves to create what might be called a hammock where the body of Taylor Hebert lay upon it even as more wires and tubes attached to her body, reddish liquid being drawn from her body even as liquids were gradually being fed back into her. These dark crimson liquids, her life-blood, was transported throughout the construction before being released downwards, into the soil as it dispersed into the ground, growing into veins of metallic fibres and roots which only continued to grow deeper and deeper into the ground.

In the spring and summer of 1957... I tried to keep track of what one reasonably technical man actually did during the hours he regarded as devoted to work... About 85 percent of my 'thinking' time was spent getting to a position to think, to make a decision, to learn something I had to understand. Much more time went into discovering or obtaining information than into digesting it. Hours went to the plotting of graphs, and other hours to instructing an assistant how to plot. When the graphs were finished, the connections were clear at once, but the plotting had to be carried out so as to make them... Throughout the period I examined, in a nutshell, my 'thinking' time was devoted mainly to activities which were essentially clerical or mechanical: searching, calculating, plotting, transforming, determining the logical or dynamic consequences of a set of assumptions or hypotheses, preparing the way for a determination or an insight. ** J.C.R. Licklider, 'Man-Computer Symbiosis' .

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Riley ­čî┐
Hard Reset Redux is gone!
Dr Turtle
@tvframerater I love hard reset if you're gonna play it buy the redux version, they fixed some of the problems the original had
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