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578 Cannibal Girls    A young couple spend the night at a restaurant, only to find out that it's haunted by three dead women who hunger for human flesh....   Comedy/Horror

4578 American Nightmare     Following the disappearance of a young girl , the woman's brother comes to town looking for her, only to find out she was a dancer and hooker in a strip club. With the aid of his sister's roommate and co-worker , they begin the search for his sister.   BA

L245 Besame Mortalmente Sex, nudity, lesbians, and a man who really enjoys strangling women as he has sex with them. Argentina movie is in Spanish with some nice 'naked strangling' scenes

Q279 Blue Film Directed by Alberto Cavallone A woman escapes from being assaultd only to find herself trapped by a sadomasochistic photographer who, among other deviant behaviour, gets off on swallowing new human excrement. EEEEWWWW. Pretty sick stuff. F.L.

3985 BodySwitch    Denmark / Sweden co-production led by Jorn Faurchou!   Ulf Pilgaard is the evil old scientist who attempts to steal the body of a teenager.   F.L.

3651 And Soon the Darkness    Robert Fuest directed British horror concerning a slasher stalking  young women -with Pamela Franklin.

9471 Bloody Buns Disgruntled food service employee kills employer and employer's kin then serves 'em up meatloaf style to new patrons who just love the new meat so more murders and mayhem occur to satiate the hunger of the masses
.   Subs

M75 Basic Autopsy Procedures + Mortuary of the Dead That is right. We keep our Righteous Crusade for Cremation. Why anybody would want their shell subjected to such depravity is beyond me . Mortuary of the Dead has two men abusing their channel at a clinic with invasive corpse abuse. Showing body pieces and the like as they giggle and laugh like degenerates. . .Ahem. Cremation. A Better Way of Death. Amen. 

L299 Appetite Strangers play cards at a hotel. Loser must stay in a haunted room in which you dream the dreams of the person who slept there until you....

N7 Captured for Sex 2 A couple driving through the country meet a sadist
. He abducts them and recruits the man to assist him abuse and molest the lady of the group. Shocking?  Savage?  Offensive?  You Betcha'!  Subs!

9576 Bye Bye Monkey Gerard Depardieu and a lot of cameos... Lafayette finds a giant dead ape on the banks of the Hudson river Kong)  cradling a chimp he adopts.   He becomes less human daily as his attachment to the chimp grows.   Meanwhile a wax museum owner tries to organize an apocalypse of his own.   Black humor with an off center examine life. . love... 40 foot apes and melting wax! In English BA

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