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Hell Yeah Wrath of the Dead Rabbit shop online and reviews

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Ash's many tools of destruction, unlocked sporadically as you play, help keep gameplay fresh as you proceed. Although you spend some time on foot and unarmed, you will eventually find yourself strapped to a gigantic blade-wheel, which allows Ash to grind up enemies and burrow through weak spots in walls. More often, though, you're going to be using one of Ash's projectile weapons, such as lasers, grenades, and rocket launchers, as well as more exotic options like a holy water sprayer, to take down your enemies from afar. You can even spend money you earn on heaps of hats and wheel styles for Ash, so if you ever wanted to escort an undead rabbit through Hell while he is wearing a mask shaped like a human's rear end while he is riding a giant frosted donut, you're in luck. These outfit changes are purely cosmetic, but should add a little playing time for collectible-hunters.

Pimp my drill   -collect loot and invest your cash in large shops where you can purchase bigger guns and awesome upgrades for your own ride. The driller skin and the 'Sploding Carrot Missile Launcher create a lovely combo.

You can while away some time with the 'Island' minigame, where you could put previously vanquished bosses to work mining more cash and outfits for Ash, but it is a fairly simplistic feature, and you are likely to complete the main quest before you internet many benefits from it. More seriously, we experienced occasionally shaky framerates and a couple of hard locks during our playtime, necessitating complete system resets. The checkpoints ensured that we didn't lose much improvement, but the crashes were still annoying.

And there are loads of enemies to mow through, including over 100 bosses that Ash can mark down in his in-game monster list. The majority of the bosses are dispatched through regular gunfire, but Arkedo does a fantastic job of throwing in alternative mechanisms on a regular basis. An insect boss might require that you douse Ash in honey and then lure it underneath a stream of toxic goo, for instance, or a boss that complains of loneliness will be discharged merely by moving up next to him and zooming the map out to show how empty his surroundings are. Figuring out these non-obvious boss mechanics is one of the game's highlights.

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DJ LAME from Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit. I like how this came out, honestly! #HellYeah https://t.co/dELA4tMFdM


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