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Heroes VIII Might and Magic - Day of the Destroyer shop online and reviews

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Warlocks, I thiiiinnnk, heroes luck. The thing that let's a warlock get a fantastic luck bonus when they use a destructive spell, doubling damage. Like what Ylaya had in the previous mission. It does kick ass, but compromising ur magic abilities is risky. Warlocks are a bit less skill dependant than wizards. They basically only NEED two slots to be effective, destruction and sorcery. Wizards need closer to 4 to include an extra magic school and enlightenment.

Concerning the wheel: an interesting thing to notice is that the Demon Lord is the only course that needs 5 ability families to reach absolute skill. So, you get one that is implicit to the Demon Lord, and the 5 needed... and you have no more empty slots.

A better 4th perk would be arcane omniscience for wizards, which automatically gives the wizard every single spell in the game regardless of skills or mastery
. This is amazing, but still limited. Again, ur sacrificing most of ur skill options , but your also sacrificing magic perks. I believe the ability enables the wizard to cast any spell at specialist level, but it doesn not provide the bonuses granted by the individual magic schools. Therefore, while an omniscient wizard may know every bout, he won't be as effective with spells from schools that other wizards have specialized in. Since 2 schools is often enough anyway, arcane omniscient seems like overkill. You'll never have a chance to use every spell in 1 battle. U might also pick the charms u want, and master those schools . Half assing ur might build for a faster gating is a major gamble. U can already get swift gating from logistics, which reduces the wait time % Half way there at the price of 1 perk, rather than ur entire skill chart. Hmmmmm.

. . .that replied to a question I had in mind: 'Light Magic'-skill is really required to get 'Twilight'-ability . :-RRBQuite strange actually that demon lords requires 'Light Magic' instead of much more suitable 'Destructive Magic' in my opinion to reach ultimate ability. .

I am aware of the discrepancy. I guess you are correct, but the files that I used did not show it. By way of instance, Sap Magic is inside Destructive Magic, but doesn't supposedly require Basic Destructive Magic. Once we understand how it is, I will fix it.

Some are tough to descide. The elves 4th perk gives them a constant 100% to achieve a fantastic luck bonus on attacks. So, essentially, this doubles the damage of your whole army, instead of trusting u get double damage strikes. This is extremely amazing, but, requires absurd sacrifices. The largest being no archery perk, which looks like a shot in the foot to get a ranger. The bonus provided by archery increases all ranged damage by %20, so when a shooter does get good luck, it doubles that damage X2), which can not be done with the 4th perk. Not to mention melee damage with the attack skill itself, but rangers rely on shooters, so its more applicable.

Awesome work! Hey, with the new feature of being able to 'construct a hero' today, maybe consider being able to save/load those settings to/from simple text documents? This way you can just load your hero's settings whenever you want as your hero develops and you progress farther. Does anyone else think this would be useful as well?

Example: You fight one stack of skeleton archers and one pile of plague zombies
. You indicate the plague zombies. Next turn you fire an eldritch arrow in the skeleton archer. You will now throw two arrows. One in the plague zombies and one in the skeleton archers. Had you marked the skeleton archers they would be taking 2 eldritch arrow strikes.

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