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This witty, wacky, turn-based strategy game is now available for Steam. In Highborn, you are treated to a strategy game that provides an intelligent, strategic experience without the frenetic drama of a traditional RTS.

Overall, Highborn is fun and the story is strong enough to keep you playing through the campaign. The comedy and the odd achievements will have you repeating missions just to see if you are able to complete the game in the way that the sneaky sods in Jet Set Games desired it to be played.

The matches villains also have their own banter, which contributes to some brilliant back-and-forth's involving the characters in each mission. There is also a great deal of childish humour which I have to say probably got the biggest laughs from me.

This witty, wacky, turn-based strategy game is now available for Steam. In Highborn, you're treated to a strategy game that offers an intelligent, strategic experience without the frenetic drama of a traditional RTS. Move your forces around an overhead map to fasten spells and combat support, then dive into combat to deploy those benefits against an unsuspecting enemy. All the fun and fighting is set against an irreverent tale, full of wacky heroes, witty dialogue and crazy assumptions.

The story begins with your character seeking to collect a group of mates, which I know is something we have all seen in games and films preceding this. This game portrays relationships between friends. This is shown through the characters being heavily sarcastic, and taking little digs at each other at every chance. They aren't too friendly towards each other either. You start off playing as the Knight: Archie.

Highborn is a turn based strategy game, full of humour and engaging gameplay, despite its 'casual game' description. It pokes fun at itself during, and enjoys highlighting flaws in stereotypical protagonists. This is the PC version of the game, which was developed because of how successful the game is already on the markets. Jet Set Games have tweaked their original release -graphically as well as in other areas -and it shows exactly how great a game Highborn is.

This dim-witted and heavily-armoured dentists wet dream is your introduction to the game. He's good lines and is a heavy hitter, quite reminiscent of the stereotypical 80's top men. Archie bears the brunt of a lot of the jokes in the sport amongst the friends. Personally though, my favorite character is Floyd, the protagonist of this story. This Arch-Lich is the hero for the Decay side. All the personalities, good or bad, has their own attributes and different play styles. For the fantastic side it is possible to charge into battle as Archie, stealth your way past enemies as Trillian or utilize the destructive forces of Magic as Enzo.

I really enjoyed this game
. I laughed often, and spent quite some time trying, in vain, to find all the achievements. There are a number of things that I found did reduce my pleasure though. One of them is how clunky the gameplay is. On countless occasions during play time I found myself having to always click on a position on the map when attempting to move a character, only to find myself having to highlight the character again and click on the identical position. Another thing I found annoying about the game was having to await a character to stop moving before I could highlight another character to then proceed. Even though the game is turn based it shouldn't be necessary for each character to take all your attention when they are carrying out an arrangement.

Another high point of this game would be the so called 'helpful tips'. They don't provide any guidance for the sport whatsoever, but do offer gold nuggets of life advice. One such nugget is the classic, 'let the Wookie win'. Another one of the 'useful' hints is a shameless plug of the very game for iOS and Android.

HIGHBORN. HIPPOPOTAMUS. Preeminent; strong; difficult to comprehend orsurmount ; dear in price ; ostentatious. Possessing a characteristic quality in asuperior degree. In music, sharp or acute ; -opp. to grave or low. Hijh and dry...

Breton reciters' repertoire included love stories of every kind: abductions andrescues; chance amours with 'faery damsels met in forest wide'; the winning ofhighborn women by feats of arms; adulterous intrigues. These tales attained arapid ...

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