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With a lifetime of training and genetically augmented physical skills, Agent 47 swiftly rose to become the Agency's most efficient, and most asked assassin. Immediately after the success of the initial contract kill, he was later awarded the rank Gamma. As he has little to no memory of his own background, he dedicated his life to be a skilled assassin which supplied him with a lifestyle of luxury and adventure.

Based on 47's ICA file in the Hitman: Absolution trailers, the International Contract Agency first took an interest in 47's actions in 1998 and registered him in HITMAN™ chronicles how 47 came to join the ICA -they were impressed by his prior work as a freelance assassin, and asked to 'test' and audition him. Agent 47 arrived in a ICA training facility and was greeted by fellow trainee Diana Burnwood. 47 went through and passed rigorous training programs, psychological evaluations, and a thorough background check, even though they found very little about 47's previous life.

Together with the other clones, 47 was trained from childhood to become a silent assassin. He was educated in the use of firearms, military hardware, unarmed combat, the use of disguises, and using more classical instruments of assassination like the infamous fiber cable and poisons. During his training in Romania, he was noted for his exceptional marksmanship, as well as for assaulting the asylum staff with homemade slingshots, all which were promptly confiscated. Together with learning how to use the instruments of an assassin, 47 was trained to test and adapt to his environment when planning an assassination, permitting him to see multiple paths he could remove his targets silently and efficiently. He also taken smiley faces into targets when he was bored. This is one of the only potential examples of 47 being exposed to pop culture, although each the clones were adequately educated about the external world using traditional school textbooks.

After Wade is killed by 47, Birdie tries to peddle his solutions to Dexter but is rejected
. He then returns 47's Silverballers with a note suggesting that Dexter is their 'mutual problem'. Hedging his bets, he also sends similar notes about 47 to Det. Cosmo Faulkner of the Chicago Police and Benjamin Travis of the ICA, offering information to both in exchange for money. The latter memo contributes to the ICA making several attempts on 47's life, culminating with their enormous assault on the town of Hope.

His business portfolio comprised the four-star Cannizaro House hotel in Wimbledon, south-west London, a South African game reserve and a company that lays cables on the ocean floor called Global Marine Systems.    

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