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Enter The Room: Old Sins and be transported to a place where exploration matches challenging puzzles and a story. The abrupt disappearance of an ambitious engineer and his high-society wife provokes the search for a.. .

■ Different play modes, characters and lots of collections ■ Old school sliding puzzle using fresh interpretation □ ※ You can explore more than 200 phases and 8 different themes such as fantasy world, traveling and animal...

Make way! This is a tower defense game for fans of the genre. The forces of evil amass. Why do they march? Where is their residence? No one knows. The prophets' vision is cloudy. The geomancers see little in their maps. Everyone...

The Evil Peak Society wants to turn errbody into Pigeons! Only you can stop them. Using a combination of wits and items, clear phases! Collect valuable gems fragments and swap them for powers to pummel enemies into the...

A novice blacksmith and a novice Swordstress pairs to get a successful company! You, a rookie blacksmithhave to take over you uncle's smithy. With the support of the PR Swordstress he hired for the Smithy's publicity, ...

In the year 2050, the sun unleashed a catastrophic surge of energy into space, a wave of power that would plunge our culture into chaos for centuries. Though predicted for years by the scientific community, their warnings were ignored...

The story of a witch who is chased after by warriors. Eirudy, the Marionette Witch. A RPG with no additional in-app payments. The witch Lives in her home at the Misty Forest. At home, she crafts...

Stalk and slay campers across 100+ puzzle levels with horror icon Jason Voorhees! From the campgrounds of Crystal Lake to the highrises of Manhattan, from supermax prisons to snowy ski hotels, Jason will terrorize victims throughout the world

'Darkest Dungeon is a tough gothic roguelike turn-based RPG about the emotional stresses of adventuring. ***AWARDS AND HONORS*** ***Rock Paper Shotgun 50 Greatest RPGs of All Time*** ***IGN Best of 2016: 2 Nominations***...

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