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The story of the Homeworld effort may have a familiar ring to it for some. After discovering the wreckage of an ancient craft which proves you are the descendents of distance traveling explorers, the people of the world, Kharak, build a giant mothership to find their home and their lost ancestors. The game begins as the first tests are conducted on the mothership, in preparation for the start of the journey.

The Art of Homeworld is a deluxe hardcover book including top quality prints of original, never-before-seen artwork, as well as insight from the original artists for the first time
. The Art of Homeworld also includes a new Augmented Reality app, enabling you to see the stunning beauty of Homeworld's Mothership and more with your Android or iOS device.

If Homeworld was a chess game, the mothership would be an immobile king . While next to useless in battle, the tough mothership serves as the backbone of your fleet during play. It builds the ships necessary for combat and support, and serves as storage for tools accumulated . Needless to say, it's game over if the mothership is actually destroyed.

There was a time when it looked unlikely that Homeworld 2, sequel to Relic's 1999 space-based real-time strategy classic, would ever see the light of day. Thankfully, rumours of its cancellation proved greatly exaggerated, and by the time you read this, the game should be available in shops. Homeworld, and its 2000 follow-up Homeworld: Cataclysm, were both graphic tour de forces, and had some of the best storytelling and use of music we could recall -few who played the original's tragic first mission, to the strains of Barber's haunting Adagio for Strings, will have forgotten it. Will the sequel prove so memorable?

While the new game doesn't quite match the original's plot, there's nevertheless enough substance to provide incentive for the player to keep going. Told through some superb hand-drawn cutscenes, it continues the story from the previous games. The Hiigarans, having discovered their home planet, didn't find much in the way of peace. Driven by a new threat, a race of warriors known as the Vaygr, they have built a second Mothership and are preparing for war. The most important campaign follows their trials and tribulations -unlike the first game, there is not a second campaign.

Gearbox Software and Lots of the original creators of Homeworld are pleased to bring you The Art of Homeworld in cooperation with Bluecanvas. A deep dive into the groundbreaking artwork that helped create Homeworld the beloved franchise it's today, The Art of Homeworld offers beautiful, original concept art and ancient renders, including commentary from original artists Aaron Kambeitz and Rob Cunningham, in addition to a foreword from Gearbox Chief Creative Officer Brian Martel.

Things go terribly wrong when the mothership attempts its first test leap. The rendezvous ship you had been scheduled to meet was ruined. The forces that were responsible are now attacking you. After fending off the threat, you head back to Kharak, only to discover the planet engulfed in flames. After capturing a remnant of the attacking fleet you discover that a galactic empire has forbidden the evolution of hyperspace technology by your people, the consequences... obliteration. Now hunted and outnumbered the last remnants of your people struggle to earn their way home to Hiigara. If you replaced Hiigara with Earth, the backstory of the game has a very similar theme to that found in the old Battlestar Galactica series. Interestingly enough, these similarities continue through other features of the game, up to and including the games powerful fighter/armada dependent strategies.

As the game progresses the player will use everything at his disposal to survive
. Sometimes capturing an enemy ship can offer new technologies, other times just encountering certain enemy types will open new avenues of study. Players will have the ability to build an array of fighter craft, corvettes, cruisers, destroyers, support craft, and even carriers . Homeworld allows players to build massive fleets that provide the opportunity to handle sprawling epic engagements. Of course, this can become a problem, the bigger conflicts can easily bring otherwise commendable computers to their knees. If you try to run the game on anything but an upper end system , things may start slowing down -you've been warned.

© 2015 Battlestar, LLC. Published and distributed by Gearbox Software. Homeworld, Gearbox & the Gearbox Software logos are registered trademarks, and the Homeworld logo is a trademark, all used courtesy of Gearbox Software, LLC. Relic is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.

Since the discovery of the Guide Stone 100 years ago deep in the equatorial sand of our planet, Kharak, our very origins have come into question. Now, after 100 years of technological advancement and careful study, there is one inescapable revelation: we don't belong here. We are the last of our kind, and we have dedicated ourselves to one goal -returning home... a mission that will put everything in danger.

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