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While distracted, the black hole's gravitational pull yanks Scrat who desperately tries to escape but only to have his lawsuit stripped from him leaving him in his fighter that then came off and finally sucks him in.

Scrat sees his acorn being sucked into the black hole and climbs throughout the ship regaining his space attire as the latter exits the saucer to retrieve his acorn when jumping on multiple debris. Suddenly, Scratazon zips by Scrat with her jetpack and gave him a wink before getting the acorn herself. Scrat manages to catches up to her by using the toilet to propel himself up alongside the alien and knocks her to the black hole he finally reclaims his acorn only to embrace it.

He sees the Scratazon leader leaving with his acorn in triumph till he fires a tractor beam at the alien leader prying the acorn from her hands. As Scrat almost reclaims his acorn, another tractor beam pulls the acorn in another direction and it is Scratazon trying the claim the acorn again. Both rodents take part in a quick tug-o-war with the acorn until the nutrogen inside the latter snaps creating a massive explosion which destroys the boat and soon creates a black hole sucking everything nearby into it.

The narrator talks about the black hole because the latter closes completely until Scrat came back fully clothed in his spacesuit with his acorn. Scrat dances in triumph as he finally got back but his victory is short-lived until the black hole snatches the acorn to it leaving Scrat unable to get it back. After dropping the acorn once again, Scrat screams in frustration as he floats in space.

After he causes Scratlantis to be sucked down the plughole, Scrat wanders through the landscape with a new acorn in hand. Inadvertently, he drops into a cave and spots a place to stick his acorn in. Upon putting it, the whole cave melts, revealing that he is within a spaceship . Scrat confusing pulls the leaver that the acorn is on only for the boat to suddenly take off, the boat zooms into space and crashes into the Moon, causing it to hit several other planets making them bounce around and bump into each other as though they were billiard balls that ends up forming the Solar System which incidentally gives two planets fresh looks , in addition to causing a green planet to be taken off into space and toward a few constellations and two more additional planets to collide with each other, shattering both worlds and forming the Asteroid Belt.

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