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For now, our publisher X.D. Network is helping us to fight pirate mobile versions of ICEY. Several game platforms were sued and we are getting somewhere. Thank you for all the incredible support!

Use the links below to get the latest version of the ICEY game. If you are Playstation 4 user, then simply click Download to get the match. Please note that this game may ask for permissions and additional buys when installed.

Other than ICEY, other nominations include Cuphead, Overwatch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is an honor for us to be nominated along with these great works. As for the awards that apply to games from all over the world, they are filled with widely renowned games also.

Ice hockey is the only major sport in which substitutions are allowed while the game is in play. The game is so fast and so demanding that forwards generally skate just 90 seconds at a time. Defensemen usually stay on the ice for a time period.

Looking back to last year's nominations: League of Legends, Arena Of Valor, Fantasy Westward Journey, Onmyoji, and Battle of Balls. This year in TGA, indie games have slowly taken a foothold at the most effective Chinese Game Award. We hope everyone can continue to support indie games. If you would like to vote, it's very straightforward. Just click on the Twitter icon marked by the red box in the images to vote.

What's TGA? TGA is
... Well, it's like the Oscard in gaming. It is the maximum award in the industry with a committee comprised of 63 media members that are world-famous. The 2017 TGA award ceremony will be held Pacific time, on December 7th. Same as last year, the TGA this year also has an award especially for Chinese players: .

Twitter Results:

Olowe Yanmike
RT @TheBlackHermit: and African mothers everywhere rejoiced. https://t.co/UUhKA82z8G
RT @abdalla_zak: Please do everything you can to bring my sister back home‼️ https://t.co/Uy2yCcsXAp
Someone told me this morning “it’s almost as icey as me “ and I hated it
JoeAnthony 🌴
@CJordan_15 Nobody else is going to see or even give the thought about answering or reply to you ... smh delete this rn
♡ιʅαɳι XL♡
@_hailex Biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch I’m icey fuck y’all ❄️😂 It’s fake warm tho. But definitely not no CTA in December type… https://t.co/xIGkmoKl8T
JFB icëy DONG` ᴷᶤᵐ ᶠˣᵈ ʰˡʸ
@chanyiolp mana pernah icey boong. 😟
Root drag for Becky this morning 🙋🏽‍♀️ swipe right for before ⏭⏭ • • #hair #love #rootdrag #ombre #blonde… https://t.co/M5J9MAlq0V
RT @ClaytonTLamb: This is the best thing you’ll see all day https://t.co/c6QYDYm1Gd
𝕀𝕔𝕖 🥡
somebody come get Ace 😂
RT @cherryporsche: many women are kidnapped and abducted and a lot of these happen at car parks when women get into their cars and men get…
Frontiers for Young Minds
@icey_mark @richardabetts 🌞 And if you drop us a line at kids@frontiersin.org , we can share with you all our tips… https://t.co/fjXCepjL9O
RT @Daniel_Jewelry: Early morning drop off. Soccer player @kingarturo23oficial getting ICEY 💎💎 https://t.co/59ebJV7lwr
JoeAnthony 🌴
RT @Vonnieradass: I’m switching to PlayStation https://t.co/LBjRtO657z
Daniel Jewelry Inc
Early morning drop off. Soccer player @kingarturo23oficial getting ICEY 💎💎 https://t.co/59ebJV7lwr
JoeAnthony 🌴
@ThtBoyDidi Yo.. he a coach.. huh?


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