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Q should always ask himself, 'What will I know whether the answer is Yes, and what will I know if the answer is No?'   In order to do that Q must realize a must answer the precise question asked, not what he guesses the actual question is.

Here is a different reason for A to respond with 'I can not answer
.'   If the goal is a golf club and the question is 'Is it bigger than a golf ball?' Then A will almost certainly mislead Q whether he answers yes or he replies no, which is a more serious violation of Rule #2.   Therefore he may say that he can't answer.   It is then up to Q to figure out what that means.

And bear in mind that as A you can't stop in the middle of the game and say, 'Oh, gee, now that I think about it, I realize that I answered some of your earlier questions wrong.'   You must give unequivocal answers in the first place, because Q may always expect that A's answers are true.   If A decides he can't answer yes or no unequivocally, he must reply, 'I don't know' or 'I can not answer' .

MORE ON RULE #2: The Second Rule says A must answer Yes or No in whichever way he thinks will be helpful to Q
.   As Q you ought to realize that sometimes A forgets this rule or misinterprets it.   Be careful how you ask a question such as 'Is it decorative?' And how you interpret the solution.   If A hems and haws , you need to ask follow-up queries such as 'Is it more decorative than practical?'

Here's an example of the distinction.   Assume the target is a gecko, which is a lizard that is featured in a wide range of sizes and contains extraordinarily 'sticky' feet that let it walk on ceilings.   The call of the larger ones is strikingly like that of a dog's bark.   They are fascinating creatures.   OK, I am back.   Anyhow, if Q asks, 'Is it found in the home?' A must answer Yes, because geckos are found in the house.   In actuality, they are found inside the walls of thousands of homes in the Philippines, where they are regarded with fondness as good-luck symbols.   You hear them scrabbling around in the walls, racing after bugs, and after some time it becomes a nice background noise.   OK, I'm back.   Anyway, A knows that his replying Yes will almost certainly mislead the Qs to a fruitless series of questions regarding where in the home the target are available, but he is obliged to answer honestly the question which was asked, so he must say Yes.   However, if Q asks, 'Is it USUALLY found at the home?' A may truthfully answer No, meaning that whole collection of dead-end questions may be avoided.

With these three answers above, only the 3 Qs know for certain at most one answer each, which isn't how it would be in a real-life game.   As A you can't anticipate every online player to know every question each other online player ever asked.

An example will clarify the intent of this guideline: If the goal is hamster collars and the question is 'Are they worn more by men than women?' Then A simply can't answer, because the question assumes a fact -that people wear hamster collars -that is false.   When the Qs hear this response they're advised to analyze the exact wording of the question.   In this case it will likely lead them to understand that neither men nor women wear them, which is a big step forward.

What is even better is when the Qs themselves explain the match.   As A you can imply that the Qs review what they know so much for the benefit of the new players, which may also let you identify any incorrect interpretations of your right answers or any wrong answers you gave.

As an example, consider a has selected the Rock of Gibraltar as the goal and Q asks, 'Is it nearer to London than is Svalbard?'   If A does not know then he should not merely guess, because Q might know, and when A guesses wrong he will certainly mislead Q, which is a more serious breach of Rule #2.   So, A should say he does not understand and let Q take it from there.

As Q you should attempt to recognize the consequences of imprecision or flawed reasoning on your questions
. When you get an idea in your head about what you want to ask, take a moment to make sure that you're asking that question and not a less specific one.   Here are a few kinds of faulty questions that newcomer Qs frequently inquire.

But it will often happen that once Q gets inside the approximate range of sizes, A will suddenly have trouble answering if the goal is bigger than anything Q inquires about, which might inform Q that A is not having difficulty with the comparative sizes so much as with the relative shapes.

, and that I record and watch every episode, and you should also.   The premise involved the four panelists asking the many contestants yes-or-no questions to determine their various and usually unexpected occupations, thus the title.   If you see more than a few episodes you'll note that Arlene Francis and Bennett Cerf are far better than any of the other panelists except that Dorothy Kilgallen is far better than them.   She had a way of figuring things out, using not only logic but all the little clues the other panelists missed, that was uncanny.   What a brain.)

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𝓈𝑜𝒻𝓉 𝔰𝔞𝔱𝔞𝔫
summary of this day: I'm so tired of being alone i got fucking oceans of love raging inside of me I'm so eager to love someone it hurts
you catch me by your eyes, i trap you inside of my mind.
RT @Daikonquest: me: I'm fine.. me on the inside: https://t.co/jHlaykZonA
If I'm Jimin,where's my Jungkook? The Jungkook who calls me shortie,calls me names even if deep inside he cares for… https://t.co/CyWBBEDpaZ
💢..Mr Banaana..🍌
RT @aytnigga: cum inside me. https://t.co/xWmYz5RCEl
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RT @buttonpoetry: “Thank you is the biggest poem I’ve got inside of me.” Don't miss @badass_sab's book: https://t.co/yLrRqD8mDy Sabrina…
You don't know how much i miss you and its breaking me from inside out💔
Silvia 🔜 LAN ✨
RT @Slim_Milliee: Happy Birthday To This Beautiful Being That Has Helped Me Experience EDM & Became A Forever Friend. She Has An Awesome Sp…
As a child, I saw people soak garri & add sugar. One day, I made eba. I put plenty sugar inside ehn. After the firs… https://t.co/md2vehruHm
RT @Daikonquest: me: I'm fine.. me on the inside: https://t.co/jHlaykZonA
December 2️⃣4️⃣♑️
RT @a_leshayla: " ArE YoU oK " no . I am tired of crying, yelling, pretending I’m ok, being alone , being angry, im tired of being used ,…
Serious Brother
RT @yinkuzjyde: Sometimes ago Army General Gen Alkali was killed, body dumped inside well. This is an airforce 4 star General killed like a…
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@hessaeverafter_ not only are you gorgeous as fuck on the outside you’re so beautiful on the inside as well. You’re… https://t.co/UDm4rysGNo


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