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In the manga, Naraku's soul is destroyed forever by Inuyasha when he cuts the point of light in the darkness inside the Shikon Jewel with Meidō Zangetsuha, which is the secret to kill him as Kanna had advised to Kagome before dead. In actuality, with Inuyasha's attack at this very point, the purity of the Jewel known as Naohi annihilates forever the evil corrupting presence within it, then the Jewel's shimmering and voice entirely ceased.

The demon sealed within the Shikon Jewel centuries past. He was later within the Shikon Jewel locked in eternal combat with Midoriko, and revealed to Inuyasha that when Kagome made a selfish desire on the Shikon Jewel, she would take Midoriko's location, together with Naraku's soul replacing him. But in the end, he and Naraku were ruined forever by Inuyasha when he cut the point of light in the darkness inside the Shikon no Tama with the Meidō Zangetsuha and came in the Meidō out of the jewel to rescue Kagome. Afterwards, Kagome's selfless wish dissolved the rest of the jewel.

After the defeat of Magatsuhi by Inuyasha and Sesshōmaru, Kagome's spiritual powers returned and a small light returned to the once completely corrupted Shikon Jewel. Naraku planned to use the hope of the light to deceive Miroku into killing others with the previous use of his Wind Tunnel. However, he had been prevented from doing this thanks to Inuyasha. At exactly the same time, Naraku almost tricked Sango into killing Rin alongside an illusion of himself. Both acts would have purged the light from within the stone, but both were prevented. When the group arrived, Naraku separated Miroku and Sango in the others, and laughed that the couple would wait for the Wind Tunnel to end their lives. With this darkness, Naraku took on a form that was like the prior one before his transformation, only darker in color. Inuyasha tried swallowing him and the jewel in a Meidō Zangetsuha attack, but Naraku fused with the gem and created web-like tentacles that secured him to his body. Naraku said that if he died, the jewel wouldn't. This perplexed Kagome as that meant that Naraku had no real objective.

Kagome Higurashi , Sunset ') is the modern-day reincarnation of the feudal era miko, Kikyō, and the main protagonist of this series InuYasha. She was unknowingly born with the legendary Shikon no Tama inside her body until the day of her 15th birthday, when a yōkai pulled her to her family's sacred well, taking her about five hundred years back in time Kagome, along with the hanyō Inuyasha, had to recover all the shards of the Jewel before they fall into the evil influence of the evil mastermind Naraku, fulfilling several allies and enemies in the process.

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Stream MONO & WIOM | what are you waiting for??
@thatbittergrape @seouIgguk Haikyu! (Literally any sports anime), inuyasha, Black Clover, seraph of the end..
OKC ⚡️ Michaelene
@kiraisgodxD @Cheira_art @likablemshyde Somebody recommended Inuyasha to me. It’s almost like a very high action ve… https://t.co/JM9ax0J8kX
@WatchVRV OP "Unravel" by TK (Tokyo Ghoul S1) ED "Shinjitsu no Uta" by Do As Infinity (Inuyasha) https://t.co/UFXhlfXTBj
RT @DemiPixellated: I was sent on this Inuyasha Rewatch Journey in 2018 so that I could make this 1 (one) B99 joke. https://t.co/Y7oetOU5Vk
jesus louisus
Inuyasha was the shit and I hella wanna rewatch it
RT @DemiPixellated: I was sent on this Inuyasha Rewatch Journey in 2018 so that I could make this 1 (one) B99 joke. https://t.co/Y7oetOU5Vk
the second anime is inuyasha i’ve never seen naruto i just think kakashi is hot
If they put inuyasha on jump force I might cop
RT @bugandcatshow: me when kagomes friends think shes dating inuyasha but are trying to break them up and hojo thinks he's dating kagome an…
New page up! Drunk on You > https://t.co/7bz6QLqrGW #inuyasha #犬かご #inukago #inukag #犬夜叉 https://t.co/P3VcdEntt3
RT @raanmouri: kagome should have dated hojo and let inuyasha suffers for the rest of his life that brat
hope 🦘
RT @dumb_bitch_chan: New to anitwt, very lonely, and desperate for mutuals!!!!! Pls rt if u like -Yu Yu Hakusho -Inuyasha -Yuri On Ice -…
where the FUCK is inuyasha https://t.co/SgIauj03Mo
Thankful Fed Baby
@Not_Aunt_Jemima @KingKillMyself_ I’m only on season 1 but Inuyasha hard too


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