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By extracting an abstract definition of the behavior used by X in Y, illustrated as I under, and letting the user X use an instance of that instead of Y it can continue to do what it does without having to know the specifics about Y.

From the case above Y implements X and I uses an instance of I. While it's quite possible that X still uses Y what is interesting is that X does not know that. It only knows that it uses something that implements I.

And this is exactly what the Spring does. Rather than let to application create what it need using new keyword , Spring IoC container all of time provide to application the same instance of needed object.

It is a practice where you let the actual behavior come from outside the boundary . The boundary entity only knows the abstraction of it.

A. Critical when doing test-driven development. Without IoC it can be difficult to test, because the components under test are highly coupled to the remainder of the system.b. When creating systems critical. A modular system is a system whose parts can be replaced without needing recompilation.c. Critical if there are many cross-cutting concerns which need to addressed in an enterprise application.

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@schmidtim I think this is an artefact to do with the beam optics, refraction due to temperature inversion.
Also, I have to admit, I like the inversion of the Evil Wizard/Good Lady trope and the Anakin-esque stuff going on. *grabby hands* me wants
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