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I'm not sure if we should be calling Iron Front a game. It's more likea huge target range where people can run across, drive tanks and shooteach other.

During its release Iron Front: Liberation 1944 is plagued by a number of bugs
. Mission triggers don't work, the AI so does the narrative and leaves a lot to desire. The game works well in multiplayer though, where the scale of enormous battlefields plays to the strengths of the intricate military simulation at its heart.

Iron Front: Liberation 1944 struggles with the tag 'ArmA II with WWII units'. The game fails to demonstrate that it is something. Iron Front brings new errors to the Real Virtuality engine, and at times it manifests some new mistakes therefore it creates a time machine into the year There are but the players' have been offered a poor product.

Iron Front is special among First Person Shooters based on World War II. Why? Because this game concentrates on the Eastern Front and there are two campaigns available : just like a Soviet soldier and one as a German soldier.The battlefield is simply huge and there are a great deal of things to do and vehicles to use.It's a fairly tactical game that uses the Arma 2 engine. The visuals are neat.However, the game suffers from many bugs and glitches and while there's potential in its gameplay, it's not quite as good or fun as it must be.Iron Front Liberation 1944 is a good game but not a ground breaking one.

With Iron Front: Liberation 1944 the participant get a huge battlefield and a game with great potential. Airplanes, actual tanks, editor, co-operative missions, two campaigns and tons of interaction. Unfortunately the engine is full of bugs and requires very powerful hardware. Hopefully stains and modders will explode the true potential of the game in the not too distant future.

I always try to approach a new game with an open mind regardless of genre, programmer, budget and so on
. Sometimes you get positively surprised by a game if you don't have preconceptions. Iron Front: Liberation 1944 provides the opposite.

Iron Front -Liberation 1944 will be a new, evolving paint canvas for the multiplayer Arma-crowd. For other gamers it's mostly a confusing mess.

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