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After being seriously injured during a battle with a nanotech-enhanced foe, Stark injected his nervous system with an advanced nanotech-based weapon to save his own life. This fused Stark's armor to his body, allowing him to store the inner layers of the Iron Man armor in the hollows of his bones as well as control it through direct brain impulses. The Extremis enhancement has turned Stark into a cyborg, whereby the use of his existing lockchip is directly incorporated into his nervous system.

In the Iron Man: The Inevitable narrative, it had been shown that it is not only Stark's body and the interfacing undersheath that has self-healing properties. Even the Iron Man armor has the ability through the use of nanotechnology, presumably to self-heal and self-repair. The armor is also able to store power throughout its structure, indicating that rather than having main batteries mounted round the waist as in the older Iron Man armors, the Extremis armor incorporates distributed and decentralized energy storage.

The Iron Man Mark 0 is the original armor Stark built in Afghanistan, which was enhanced upon his return to the United States with an onboard operating system, lenses, heating and cooling systems and basic repulsor weapons. Stark used it to escape during the 'World's Most Wanted' narrative, which ran simultaneously with the business crossover 'Dark Reign' from Norman Osborn. Stark resorted to donning the Mark 0 after the brain damage he had inflicted upon himself in the course of erasing the Superhuman Registration Act database from his brain made it impossible for him to use any of his more complex armors.

The gold segments of Iron Man consisted of S
.K.I.N , a liquid metal which can be manipulated to conform to any desired shape. It is lightweight but has structural integrity that is immense, being harder and approaching low-grade adamantium. S.K.I.N. could be contracted to fit into a small container or stretched/shaped into a different form. The metal's wondrous properties were developed by Askew Technologies, and the exact elements incorporated into the S.K.I.N. remain unknown. Stark had set up the S.K.I.N. of his armor to be stored in a small container. On his command, the S.K.I.N. spilled out and assumed its default armor configuration.

Additionally, the Extremis procedure has endowed Stark with a 'healing factor' and maybe even enhanced physical abilities, as he was confident enough to challenge Logan/Wolverine to a fight . It was later said that the Extremis enhancement speeds up a person's repair procedure and hence the body's cells died and regenerated at a faster rate. This effectively made Stark resistant to cancer and gave him his 'healing factor'.

Another defining trait is the chest-mounted 'uni-beam', also referred to as the variobeam, pentabeam, and tri-beam . Originally a spotlight and 'proton beam', it has grown to accommodate several other weapons mild and force-based.

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