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Ironclad Tactics Deluxe Edition shop online and reviews

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A ground scale of 1 inch to 60 yards, 1 turn representing 20 minutes and fast paced strategic movement rules imply that battles play out in a realistic speed. Combat is dealt with in a manner which allows large numbers of units to be fielded and the interaction between strategic movement and strategic combat allows for a fast paced game that keeps a fantastic level of detail.

Seven different training and morale levels together with the historic strength of a unit introduces the concept of 'Combat Value'. This ties together all of the tactical rules and ensures that troop quality, more than just luck or buckets of dice, plays an important role in every battle.

This supplement provides a further level of detail into the command and control part of Rank & File with a thorough order system which takes account of leader evaluations, orders issued, distances and staff quality. Optional military morale rules permit large or small games to be played to a certain conclusion in a evening. This permits players to game larger conflicts with all the issues and uncertainty of command that was a factor in so many ACW battles.

1-190160 RANK AND FILE:Horse and Musket for 1740-1900 Easy to select with extensive optional and advanced rules as well as period specific rules. Figures are stand established but the rules allow any basing & scale convention. Full colour, play aids. 1 vol, 68 pgs 2009 UK, CRUSADER MINIATURES NEW-softcover ...$30.00

This Rate of Fire AFV supplement has plenty of information that can be used with other WWII games but it is not a comprehensive set of rules by itself. You'll require a copy of the chief Rate of Fire WWII Skirmish Rules to get the most out of this supplement. 1 vol, 64 pgs 2012 UK, NORTH STAR

-New Factions Decide whether to play as a Loyalist or Rebel -each unlocks new technologies, ships and play styles for every race. -New Titan Class Warships: Mighty titans enter the fray of this war to tip the scales of power. Every faction may field their own distinct titan, drawing upon unique strengths and abilities on the battlefield. -New and Updated Capital Ships: A new capital ship joins the fleet for every race to offer even more strategic options. Additionally, all existing capital ships have been updated to four levels for their skills, allowing players to concentrate on their ships together specific strengths.

Different weapons are nicely represented according to their historical uses the pilum is used as a thrown weapon before battle disrupting the enemy formation, and the pike enables more strikes but suffers if the device is pushed back in battle.

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