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James Bond 007 : Legends shop online and reviews

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'It's an incredible machine,' explains Sam Mendes, director of the 24th instalment, Spectre. 'With Bond, you are on a train and the train keeps moving. It goes without you.' Here is Bond from the individuals who have kept it on the rails for 53 years. All aboard!

The 24th movie in the franchise, which stars Craig in his fourth outing as 007, banked over #41 million in the united kingdom in its first seven days of launch, eclipsing Skyfall's #20.1 million opening in

Gamers and Bond aficionados alike will become James Bond, reliving the world-famous spy's most iconic and intense undercover missions from throughout the entire Bond film franchise -including this year's highly anticipated new installment, 'Skyfall' available as a free update on November 9,

Sam Mendes: To be inside that car is like driving a national monument. I got nervous shooting it. When I blew it up, it was like I had slashed at the 'Mona Lisa'. I snuck to a screening of Skyfall  at the Imax on the South Bank and the audience dealt with the passing of various characters without blinking an eye. But when the car blew up, the gasp that drew!

Full of praise for his co-star as far more than a flickering partner in enthusiasm. Bruce ventured that Tattoo would establish Maud's dramatic credentials light-years beyond what the public has been conditioned to expect of a version. 'There's a moment when she gets out of bed and goes to the cupboard to search for her clothes and turns and sees herself in a mirror, and moves into the mirror and starts to rub off the tattoo on her body ... and that response of Maud's, that entire scene, is as incredibly pure a piece of work by an actor as any I've ever seen.' And that is from a man who once taught acting classes attended by Ellen Burstyn and her ilk.

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