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Contrary to the general tendency to keep your distance, however, the very best and easiest strategy for handling Lupicus in Stage 2 is simply to engage him in melee. Lupicus won't do his knockdown teleport if all potential targets are near him, and his single projectile has a minimal selection and will miss on anybody close to him. This means that your party only needs to be worried about dodging the melee swipe and the projectile spray, the latter of which can easily be negated by guardians or mesmers with projectile-blocking abilities. Feedback will deal massive damage to Lupicus, while Shield of the Avenger will effectively give the party a long window in which the only attack they should be worried about is your melee swipe. A group with moderate levels of DPS, a guardian, and a mesmer can easily DPS Lupicus through his second stage well before all projectile cubes are expended.

Before Giganticus Lupicus goes into phase 2 he'll turn invulnerable for a few seconds, and he will throw an inevitable grub at one participant, then immediately go into one of his attack patterns, making it tough to kill stated grub while players scatter in an attempt to avoid the attacks. There are two ways to deal with this so as to avoid allowing Lupicus to eat the grub. If there is a ranger or mesmer in the party, he should send in the pet and/or clones in to assault Lupicus PRIOR to his becoming invulnerable; Lupicus seems to throw the grub at closer targets more frequently. Once Lupicus goes invulnerable, shatter the clones or swap the pet, removing Lupicus' target altogether and preventing the grub from spawning at all. If the group doesn't have a mesmer or ranger or this strategy doesn't work because of random chance, the group should stay stacked and either trigger stability through abilities like 'Stand Your Ground!' Or Hallowed be prepared to bring stun breaks, or Ground. Once the grub spawns, the group should focus on killing it and any remaining locust swarms. If Lupicus does his single projectile or projectile spray attacks, a guardian or mesmer should activate Shield of Absorption or Feedback to negate it, allowing the party more time to kill the grub.

The second mechanic, the projectile blast is one target attack which will regularly target any nearby players. It is telegraphed but very fast. However, it may be avoided without a dodge by altering instructions.

Once every couple of moments Giganticus Lupicus will randomly target one player with a green plague aura, telegraphing the attack with an elaborate flourish by lifting his hand over his head
. At this point, the attack can be dodged. The appropriate time to do so is cued by Giganticus Lupicus' hand reaching the summit of his flourish. Otherwise dodged, after a couple of seconds the player will be knocked down and a Risen Grub will appear on the job of the targeted player. If left untouched for a couple of seconds the Risen Grub will immediately move to Giganticus Lupicus where it will grow and be devoured. If the grub spawns near Lupicus , then it may be devoured instantly. This will give Giganticus Lupicus stacks of armor and power for every Risen Grub eaten, making the deadliest phase of this battle that much harder. Individually, players can learn how to recognize the distinctive plague aura and call out their status if the staff is on voice chat. Resist the temptation to leave the stack for any reason if so targeted. If anything, place yourself in melee range just in front of other players.

Again, the simplest way to take care of Lupicus in this phase is, contrary to common sense, to melee him. Of his strikes, the most difficult to avoid are the projectile and the conical lifesteal, both of which are easily avoided at melee range by simply rolling through him . Similarly, if the party remains stationary, Lupicus will not do his bubble attack, meaning that the only attacks you really should worry about is your projectile barrage and the AOE lifesteal. The former can be reflected or wrapped through, while the latter could be prevented by running and turning during the lengthy startup and rolling to escape the area of effect when the red circle appears.

The shadow walk attack is just one Giganticus Lupicus casts every couple of seconds. It allows Giganticus Lupicus quickly move to a particular player and perform a knockdown on strike. During the shadow walk Giganticus Lupicus turns mostly transparent and fires a plague projectile, teleporting to the plague after it reaches its destination. The basic defense against this attack is, of course, to dodge away. However, it is practically impossible to rely solely on dodging since his shadow attacks and projectiles will quickly wear down players without the vitality or toughness to survive getting hit by these attacks.

The easiest way to kill Alphard is simply to abuse projectile reflecting moves. Wall of Reflection and Feedback will shut down all of Alphard's strikes , but for the spin attack, which is easily seen and avoided. If the party piles inside a reflecting or blocking shield, they'll be totally safe from all other attacks, such as the clones, which are most likely to kill themselves with reflected projectiles. If the party does not have enough blocks to maintain a constant reflect rotation going, save the cubes for the clones spawn; Alphard is not likely to kill anyone with just the pistol attacks if everyone dodges the bomb. The only move that's capable of hitting you from beneath a projectile defense is the lightning spin attack, which can be extremely telegraphed.

When the ritual is finished the Wraithlord will become vulnerable to regular damage. Primarily a melee attacker, the Wraithlord can also shadow walk to targets. His normal attacks aren't so damaging, but he applies a Corruption effect that can pile, increasing the amount of damage his future attacks will do -this can be fatal! Fortunately, columns of light will occasionally show up on the ground with a corresponding combo ring. Standing in such circles will eliminate your Corruption stacks and act as a Condition Removal combo area as well. As the battle drags on he'll summon undead tendrils and more minions; those are hindrances at worst. Once the Wraithlord is dead, he will spawn a chest and the dungeon is going to be completed.

As the community put it, this boss is essentially 'a really big mesmer'. She'll occasionally summon three clones, and shatter them almost instantly, giving stacks of confusion on anyone in range of explosion. Be sure you can cleanse the 25 piles of confusion you may get or make certain to not attack. She will occasionally turn 1 party member to a moa, but otherwise have slow autoattacks and isn't particularly tricky.

It's likely to save time and effort by having a player with enough single-hit burst DPS to deal a gigantic single hit on Brie right before she reaches 50% health
. Skills like Backstab and Eviscerate deal high single target damage, enabling you to take a giant chunk of Brie's health before she enters the second phase and starts to take only normal damage. Use of DPS boosting buffs like may, vulnerability, fury, banners, and spirits are recommended; pet-reliant courses like mesmers and rangers are not, as these will not obtain the Phased buff and cannot damage Brie.

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@TheMaskAvenger_ Loki freezes. His image starts to mist away as the real Loki appears in front of Robin, he turns i… https://t.co/MnIQ27pJaX
Her name Ymir is the very same as a primeval being in Norse mythology who is the progenitor of all Jotun, or ice gi… https://t.co/lHL8lYxF21
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RT @VampireHeart69: Loki should save Tony with his Jotun army #AvengersEndGame https://t.co/02kGDaXAF5
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RT @Royal_King_Thor: @GodMischiefLoki good to know.. but.. would your size play into account too? Like wouldn’t a small jotun like yourself…
Jeremy Varner
Due to their height compared to most structures, ancient Norse Jotun were disproportionately struck by lightning –… https://t.co/r7pfvU1BMp
People Exclusive
Global Antifouling Agent Market 2018- PPG Industries, Sherwin-Williams, Jotun and AkzoNobel https://t.co/g4tqEhWC07 https://t.co/ISu25roQQU
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🐍☀️👑 •Loki Owns Me •☀️🐍👑
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RT @jungshookloki: I need more jotun loki in my life! Hopefully Marvel will give us that in the mini series. https://t.co/HYMAYeiGKo


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