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I had 3 children and live in West Africa'm I purchased the JuJu cup on a recommendation of a friend. It's quite difficult to find a public bathroom here I was really curious in the possibility of limiting the amount of visits I needed to the loo and the ability to leave the home and not have to plan my day around available bathrooms.I read all the instructions, Googled many websites so I was advised on the process and it was an absolute disaster. I persevered for three months but not quite managed to succeed -not once!! . It didn't matter which fold I used, if the cup was riding low or high, if I had rotated the cup several times , even after insertion and I ran a finger around the outside to validate the seal and all was good -still no luck.So about the fourth month I Googled websites, read blogs and watched way to many you tube videos, BUT eventually found the most helpful information from a Diva Cup user and I think it's a great bit of information to pass on:So this is the last steps I followed to success:-1 .Insert while sitting down on the loo, it helps the muscles relax2. Make sure the cup is inserted past the pubic bone Hold the base of the cup -use your pelvic floor muscles to bare down, then up, then down -most times you can feel or hear the pop You should have the ability to rotate the cup smoothly and easily if the seal is good. If Release the cup and then use your pelvic floor muscles to go again6 up. Then do a few rotations of the hips, this seems to help with the correct placement internally.This worked superbly for me and most importantly no more disastrous leaks !! I hope it helps you. I now think this is among the best products I have found. Goodluck.

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Uncle JuJu
@YouLoveeCourt Right but think. If it's so easy for her to even want to walk cause I ain't getting married after we… https://t.co/INNIcGNKSq
Steelers star JuJu Smith-Schuster's double life as a streamer https://t.co/9WmsJruAHp https://t.co/jSsTn5FxJl
C. 🌺
@JuJu_Bee53 Place
C. 🌺
@JuJu_Bee53 Dang, let her walk? Bt what if u made up in ur mind tht thts the person u wanna be w forever but becos… https://t.co/PJamH1CfQD
PSi Hockey
RT @PSiKnights: Catch Northern Knights coach @theryanjulius live at UCT for the African All Stars tonight at 19:30. The Red Army will be b…
ilona pokaツ
My family needs some good intentions, thoughts, prayers, juju, workshop—-whatever you fancy. Please send our way. Xoxo
Uncle JuJu
If you're still my friend after knowing how annoying I am you're a keeper. 😂
RT @GrahamBarfield: Week 15 #NextGenStats matchups is up. This week, I break down JuJu Smith-Schuster’s changed role, Jared Goff’s home/roa…
RT @madison_schwarz: Seriously, please help. We need it. https://t.co/nz5x3cRNFb
Uncle JuJu
#1 is def beyhive https://t.co/ZpWv0Y6Huh
Uncle JuJu
What's up with these fools still messing with white women? Lol niggas never learn. https://t.co/kbYcw8gHlX
Shining Star
RT @justdavid_92: Tae blew 4 kisses to kill us all. a.k.a ‘The Death Kiss’ (4 sounds the same as death in Korean) https://t.co/W2FdNDMgZy
RT @BTSARMY_Salon: Dec 14, 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong BTS award acceptance speech translation - Best MV #방탄_베스트뮤직비디오상_축하해 @BTS_twt #2018MAMA…
RT @thisisinsider: Venice is nicknamed 'The Floating City' — this is why it floods every year 🌊 https://t.co/5MKP2HsxQ6
RT @xsanchezkarinax: Biiiiiiitch that’s JOHNNY DANG AND HE IN HOUSTON MF TEXAS https://t.co/3ZugiwmDww


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