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I had 3 children and live in West Africa'm I purchased the JuJu cup on a recommendation of a friend. It's quite difficult to find a public bathroom here I was really curious in the possibility of limiting the amount of visits I needed to the loo and the ability to leave the home and not have to plan my day around available bathrooms.I read all the instructions, Googled many websites so I was advised on the process and it was an absolute disaster. I persevered for three months but not quite managed to succeed -not once!! . It didn't matter which fold I used, if the cup was riding low or high, if I had rotated the cup several times , even after insertion and I ran a finger around the outside to validate the seal and all was good -still no luck.So about the fourth month I Googled websites, read blogs and watched way to many you tube videos, BUT eventually found the most helpful information from a Diva Cup user and I think it's a great bit of information to pass on:So this is the last steps I followed to success:-1 .Insert while sitting down on the loo, it helps the muscles relax2. Make sure the cup is inserted past the pubic bone Hold the base of the cup -use your pelvic floor muscles to bare down, then up, then down -most times you can feel or hear the pop You should have the ability to rotate the cup smoothly and easily if the seal is good. If Release the cup and then use your pelvic floor muscles to go again6 up. Then do a few rotations of the hips, this seems to help with the correct placement internally.This worked superbly for me and most importantly no more disastrous leaks !! I hope it helps you. I now think this is among the best products I have found. Goodluck.

Twitter Results:

RT @JULIAniverse: Bubbly Juju @BarrettoJulia. ❤️ 📸: styledbycath https://t.co/W1oUtDmcfQ
miss nOmes
RT @DailyHiveVan: Win a $350 hair colour certificate and a $200 Kevin Murphy product gift certificate from @jujuhairlounge via @DailyHiveVa…
Uncle JuJu
Banna clip theory Rotation Shin on Another 3
RT @DailyHiveVan: Win a $350 hair colour certificate and a $200 Kevin Murphy product gift certificate from @jujuhairlounge via @DailyHiveVa…
Ashley Myer ✨
RT @ambermonkx: remember that time when doing the dance to juju on that beat was a massive hype, everyone was doing the mannequin challenge…
Jas jackson
When I dropped my son off at school all the kids in his class was like “Juju here🤩😃
Anna Dominique
RT @Kermit5010: Aweee... juju @BarrettoJulia Congrats @iamjoshuagarcia Stay strong and support each otger .continue the good work kids..…
Drew Cook
RT @jimwexell: JuJu, did they threaten you at all? JuJu: “Major threats. They were all making threats at me. They were dropping F-bombs, e…
Marley Grey
Lana Crowster loving the rap curlfriend 👏👏👏👏👏 #Supportlocal #Teamnatural All Womxn Vocal Collective, DZIVA (Aman… https://t.co/VYrpxLuda9
Jonathan Birchok
@jdorgs80 @JFowlerESPN Juju didn't try to end his career. He blocked him. And the shazier hit was bad AND should… https://t.co/9YtNx8IL2G
@TJ_099 @jadencrane11 @LeVeonBell AB is suffering Bc of JuJu
RT @drinelli: The #Steelers had a 300-yard passer: Ben Roethlisberger (369), a 100-yard rusher: James Conner (111), and Two 100-yard…
@JuJu_Bee53 Always knew you were real!
TRO Girl
RT @SAVEShelter: 🚨Puppy alert 🚨 Can't believe this are still available!! Juju bee is the last puppy left from her litter. She is a beagle…


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