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WannaCry uses various methods to attempt to aid its execution by leveraging both attrib.exe to modify the +h flag and also icacls.exe to permit full access rights for all users, 'icacls . /Provide Everyone:F /T /C /Q'

Additionally, Talos has observed WannaCry samples using DOUBLEPULSAR which is a persistent backdoor that's usually utilized to access and execute code on previously compromised systems. This allows for the activation and installation of software. This backdoor is installed following exploitation of SMB vulnerabilities addressed within Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17This backdoor is associated with an offensive manipulation framework that was released. Since its launch it has been widely analyzed and studied from the security industry as well as on various underground hacking forums.

The tor.exe file is executed by @wanadecryptor@. exe. This recently executed process initiates network links . This allows WannaCry to try to preserve anonymity by proxying their visitors via the Tor network.

Organizations should ensure that devices running Windows are fully patched and deployed according to best practices. Furthermore, organizations must have SMB ports blocked from all commercially available hosts.

In addition to the mitigations listed above, Talos strongly encourages organizations take the next industry-standard recommended best practices to prevent attacks and campaigns like this and similar ones

An initial file 'mssecsvc.exe' drops and executes 'tasksche.exe', this exe tests the kill switch domain names. One complete, the support mssecsvc2.0 is created, this is a method of persistance for the malware. This service executes 'mssecsvc.exe' with another entry point than the initial execution. 2 threads are executed by this second implementation. The first thread checks the IP address of the infected machine and tries to connect to TCP445 of every host/IP address in the same subnet and next thread creates random IP address on the Internet to perform the identical action. After a machine is successfully connected to by the malware, a connection is initiated and information is transferred. The malware exploits the SMB vulnerability addressed by Microsoft in the bulletin

The above subroutine tries an HTTP GET for this domain, and if it fails, continues to carry out the disease. The subroutine exits, if it succeeds. The domain is registered to a sinkhole that was known, effectively causing this sample to terminate its malicious activity.

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