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Adding to the humor of the game is the expression of the characters.   Some players have noticed that two of them look like Mr. T and Hulk Hogan! Some of the game's humor was considered a bit too much apparently.   The versions of the game released outside of Japan eliminated a character who really dry humps and licks the players!

Combos flow nicely in this game, and you can also attack downed enemies
.   It's actually quite fun to see two players stomp the living crap out of a boss! The game looks and sounds fantastic.   The beast transformations appear cool as your character yells, 'Beast! 'and the powered up monster attacks look great also.   There is not much else to say as the game exudes the level of quality which was typical of so many Konami beat 'em ups back then.

It goes without saying that this game looks far better than any of the console Battletoads games.   There are enemy characters that are much larger than other Battletoads games.   It is possible to kick enemies towards the screen in a similar way to the way you throw enemies in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time.   The cartoonish quality of the series comes out here better than ever! The soundtrack is excellent.   The first stage music will find a player amped up to keep playing and is one of the best tracks you'll hear in a beat 'em up.

The game's funny nature carries over to other parts of the game, like chasing a moving carriage on foot! This game is great fun, though it appears there may have been some alterations and alterations to the game outside of Japan.

Twitter Results:

RT @startkilling: i stg if i ever do some shit like this just kick my ass, just beat the shit out of me. https://t.co/A90SQJ1HVv
michelle ramsey
RT @startkilling: i stg if i ever do some shit like this just kick my ass, just beat the shit out of me. https://t.co/A90SQJ1HVv
SG Nasa SL
Congratulations Andrew, we knew you could do it. Spring @SGASD_HS graduate @RocketContest alum hits the game winni… https://t.co/zA3NQadFJZ
Leila Walsh
@washingtonpost Wow. Rice Cameron presses,charges for student touching his chest in protesting that he filmed her a… https://t.co/TYcQDz8gzP
RT @cher: Good Doesn’t Always Prevail... Sometimes It Needs a Good Kick In The Ass⚽️🏈 IF YOU DON VOTE YOU DONT DESERVE TO LIVE HERE 🇺🇸 http…
RT @lynieg88: “A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.” – Emo Philips #ALDUBThroughItAll 💘 #VMModiTur…
Ellen Tebbits
@TheVantu @atwaSDOK @BeckyBunzy @ConcordGOP @thedailybeast @Harvard Are you kidding me?? “Self-inflicted?” Show me… https://t.co/oUncl6DkiO
RT @CBSSports: BROCKTOBER IN MIAMI! The Dolphins beat the Bears on a 47-yard kick in OT! https://t.co/ca67g1r4IC
Rick Jones
@GarySharp1620 As you mentioned the post game theme was “make a play. Someone go out & make a play & win this game.… https://t.co/OMHspRoByA
Beat me hate me You can never break me Will me thrill me You can never kill me Kick me kike me Don't you black or w… https://t.co/hWR3puSoME
RT @startkilling: i stg if i ever do some shit like this just kick my ass, just beat the shit out of me. https://t.co/A90SQJ1HVv
Early louse on a Monday cannot fuckin beat it, gonae go home n kick fuck out ma bed covers
Goddess of All Things Wonderful
To be fair, the Republicans do beat the Democrats in general criminality. They totally kick the Dems ass there... https://t.co/Je49Wi9hWs
Raiders beat writers and bloggers trying their best to connect the Giants to Derek Carr Go kick that BS somewhere… https://t.co/8oH1Xxeu9L
@DufusRigamaroll @jmartNYT You don't take the high road against Democrats calling for Communists to beat, kick and kill people.


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